Whispy Blue v2

Whispy Blue v2 is a re-written and restyled version of “Whispy Blue”, it contains many fixes and style decisions that make it very different than the former theme.

Whispy Blue v2
Whispy Blue v2


  • CSS bloat has been cut down and images are kept at their minimum to make this theme as lightweight as possible.
  • The pages menu supports as many parent or child pages as you wish and can display 2 child menus deep.
  • There are an additional 3 widget sections in the form of a JQuery Accordion list to display one widget each, this has been ported and improved upon from the original theme.
  • The theme has been built to only support WordPress 2.8 and newer, however the theme may work perfectly fine with 2.7.
  • Full CSS and XHTML validation.
  • PHP 5.3.x support.
  • This theme works in most modern browsers, IE 6/7/8, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome have been tested.



  • Added new wordpress theme required items.
  • Added new commentform code.
  • Changed to new 2.9 functions where necessary.
  • Updated the accordion to new jquery for WordPress 3.x.


  • Fixed an issue causing the theme to not work in PHP 5.3.x.
  • Fixed sudden resize bug in Safari/Chrome in Accordion with forced fixed width.
  • Changed author link to use wordpress function.


  • On advice from the WP theme submission, this will replace Whispy Blue instead of being a standalone theme, I have kept the website seperate for people who wish to keep using the old version.


  • Initial Release.


  • As with the previous version the Accordion has only been developed with the built in widgets in mind, certain widgets may break the styling of the boxes, this is minimised in each new version.

Additional Notes on the accordion:

  • Links display correctly but only one category can be shown in each section of the accordion.
  • When an image is the only thing in a widget (except for the title) then the image will be resized in order to keep the style from breaking.
  • I have made significant progress in getting as many widgets working as possible, if you find one that doesn’t, let me know.

Download Here:

Whispy Blue Theme


If you need any help with the theme please leave a comment below.

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