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D-Link DIR-655 Firmware 1.34b02 Beta and SharePort 3.0

April 15, 2010 – 9:15 PM

Update 22-04-2010: D-Link have released the 1.34b03 firmware that fixes an issue with the statistics page for this firmware. Get it here.

D-Link has released the 1.34b02 Beta firmware for the DIR-655 router.


This code addresses disabling the SecureSpot feature.
The router will not query Bsecure when the feature is disabled.

Using this firmware is at your own risk and will most likely void your warranty if something goes wrong.

D-Link DIR-655 1.34b02 Beta Firmware (1.33 MB) 15-04-2010 or download from D-Link
MD5: DBE6A2D2628894B3253024111307735E

D-Link has also released SharePort version 3.0 for Mac OSX and Windows.

There doesn’t appear to be a changelog but I will add one if it appears.
Add a comment below with any results you have regarding these.

SharePort 3.0 Windows (5.47 MB) 15-04-2010 or download from D-Link
MD5: D42166F5E46E6AAA845BDC4B42EFAE32
SharePort 3.0 Mac OSX (9.01 MB) 15-04-2010 or download from D-Link
MD5: 30B1B71D1CADC69B5C5EB4D39247F38D

  1. Comment #1

    does this firmware update help with any of the shareport issues that currently exist?

  2. Comment #2

    As far as I am aware, it doesn’t fix any, but the SharePort software might.

  3. Comment #3

    i’ve already been using the 3.0 software since it’s release.
    doesn’t work any better. same “drops after a little while” problems as before.

    i’ve posted numerous times about it on the dlink forum, but i never seem to get any replies from dlink…

  4. Comment #4

    It’s a shame it’s not working any better for you, they still seem to be having trouble fixing those connection drops, it seems to be the universal problem with SharePort.

  5. Comment #5

    is it working for you? anyone?

  6. Comment #6

    I downgraded mine to the earliest firmware version that supports SharePort, but I don’t use it, I figured it’s much better having a router that doesn’t drop connections in general and has good wireless stability.

  7. Comment #7

    i’ve never had a problem with the router itself, just the shareware…

  8. Comment #8

    Finally, after upgrading to the 1.3* i had to go through hell, speed drops and reseting the router every week sometimes more frequently the 1.34 has solved all of my problems.

    Has been up serveral weeks without disconnects or slowdown.

  9. Comment #9

    I have a major problem trying to Configure my New D-link DIR-655 Router for my MacBook. Mac OS X 10.6.8.

    Can anyone please guide or refer me to someone….oer a forum where I can fix this.

  10. Comment #10

    The official D-Link forum is a good place to get help:

    There are also some guides to set up the device at the official D-Link website:

  11. Comment #11

    I just bought the DIR-632 for my mac os 6.8. and the sharepoint that came with the box didn’t work but the link from this page did! Thanks! I also upgraded my firmware to 1.03NA just so everyone who’s having problems knows.

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