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D-Link DIR-655 Firmware 1.34b03 Beta

April 22, 2010 – 3:08 PM

D-Link has released the 1.34b03 Beta firmware for the DIR-655 router.


Disabling the SecureSpot feature, the router will not query Bsecure when the feature is disabled
Statistics will not clear under “Status>Statistics”

The first fix was available in the previous firmware 1.34b02, I have found it stops connections that people have noticed the router give to the Bsecure servers when SecureSpot is not running. The second fix addresses a bug that appeared in that firmware causing the statistics page to report ridiculously high stats.

Using this firmware is at your own risk and will most likely void your warranty if something goes wrong.

D-Link DIR-655 1.34b03 Beta Firmware (1.33 MB) 22-04-2010 or download from D-Link
MD5: 15644CB5660A27E7DC3EAF2CEA785CC7

  1. Comment #1

    I upgraded a couple of hours ago from b02 (which worked fine) to b03 and all seems fine. :)
    PS: you could add to tag linux too, since i mostly use linux to configure/update the router and have had no issues arrising from this fact.

  2. Comment #2

    Thanks Toto, I’ve added Linux to the tags so people should be able to find the page if they do a search.

  3. Comment #3

    Is this version also suitable for an A4, 1.31EU – version?

    Tia, Gerrit.

  4. Comment #4

    Quote from: Gerrit Bon, Comment #3

    Is this version also suitable for an A4, 1.31EU – version?

    Tia, Gerrit.

    I believe it should support the A4 version, however there is a newer version out, 1.35, which you can get at

    However as you are running EU firmware you may want to hold off upgrading to the US firmware as different countries have different wireless requirements and channels available, for example shows that the US does not have channels 12 and 13.

    Keeping that in mind you may not be able to downgrade back to the EU firmware, however was and may still be one method of downgrading.

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