Dvico FusionHDTV DVB-T Lite and Vista’s Media Center

**As of July 2008 the information in this post is old and doesn’t really work… at all**

I had a few problems getting the DVB-T Lite working with Vista’s Media Center properly, firstly during the first installation, after installing the FusionHDTV program, the setup program crashed, I had to rerun it to get it to install the drivers are add the settings, while having to manually select the FusionHDTV/Drivers folder to find the drivers for Vista. Oddly though one of the drivers is available on Windows update, but not the important ones.

The FusionHDTV program didn’t run after reboot properly and that was because of a problem with the DxVA Overlay (there is a solution on the FusionHDTV website for that), plus you have to grant the remote program full access to be able to run properly as well.

With Media Center, all worked great except all of the HDTV Channels only showed a green screen instead of the video, but i’m not too worried about that.

However I had another problem that I have had with Media Center Edition 2005 as well where the dvr-ms recorded files produced by Media Center’s recorder diplayed perfectly on the PC that had the card, however on any other PC the files would not play back and would act like they were badly corrupted, it’s only now that I have found a solution by accident, it involves uninstalling the Dvico MCE MPEG-2 Decoder, all of a sudden it fixes the problem (that is in Vista however and it seems MCE has it’s own MPEG-2 Decoder that it can fall back on).

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2 thoughts on “Dvico FusionHDTV DVB-T Lite and Vista’s Media Center”

  1. It’s been a long time since then and the last time I attempted to get it working again was a complete failure.

    According to Dvico it works but they never actually made Vista specific drivers for it so it’s hit and miss depending on your graphics card and other components.

    Also there were never any 64-bit drivers created for the chipset it uses so on top of this Vista and XP x64 will never work.

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