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Starting this afternoon I’ve been experiencing a few issues between some WordPress code and using PHP5. It seems when I use PHP5, my default version for some time, I experience a rather large error that according to seems to be possibly related to Magic Quotes or a rogue plugin, however it is occurring on my theme test site as well so I’m not so sure about plugins being the cause. So in an effort to get some stability I have reverted to PHP4 and I’m about to upgrade WordPress and see if I can sort out this problem.

Problem Solved
As I have been noticing it appears to be related to magic quotes, I attempted to turn it off in .htaccess but this appeared to just make it angry, however adding


to my wp-config.php file fixed the problem.

By the way if you have this problem do not copy my code listed above as the quotes will turn into invalid characters, you’ll have to type it out yourself.

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