Windows 7 Conexant Sound Card Issue

I am running the Windows 7 beta on my 4 year old Laptop, It’s not recommended but it does run well, using the Windows XP display and ethernet drivers it is a well functioning machine that doesn’t act much different from when it had Windows XP installed, however there is an odd issue with the sound card driver from Windows update that I will explain.

The WHQL Certified Conexant AC-Link Audio driver from Windows Update is installed automatically on this machine, it has a Driver Date of 18/02/2004 and a driver version of

The Laptop in question is a HP NX9010. After the driver installation the sound works as expected, although sometimes has some slowness about it, after a few reboots however it will get to the Welcome Screen and lock up with the sound stuttering constantly on the Welcome Screen sound, rebooting will not make a difference and the same thing will occur, upon booting in safe mode and disabling or uninstalling the driver everything will be fine and the system will not lock up at the Welcome Screen.

I tried the old Windows XP drivers knowing they shouldn’t work and they didn’t, some versions either refused to install, caused stop errors or simply had the same lockup problem.

However I tried the most simple solution and disabled the Windows Bootup Sound from the Sounds tab of the Sound Control Panel item, since then there have been no lockups and there have been no issues with the sound.

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  1. I installed win7 fresh on my nx9010 and graphics, sound, network and one other do not work at all.
    What did you do? Upgrade from XP?



  2. Sound can be retrieved by Windows Update, however follow my steps above to make sure it doesn’t lockup when it starts up.

    Use the graphics card and ATI GART drivers from the HP website, just search for nx9010 at their support site.

    Ethernet network card is a tricky one, I will hop on my laptop shortly and grab the file for you, I believe it is the standard XP one from the HP website though, I no longer have the wireless card it came with so I’m not sure about that.

    The one other may be the GART driver, or something else, try installing the ULi drivers, you can find them on the Nvidia website, just grab the latest release.

  3. Hey there not sure if u guys can help me but i really hope u can, i have a Compaq Presario V2000 which had windows xp on it just recently upgraded to windows 7 it works perfect, amazingly fast everything except, like the guy above the sound doesn’t work Ive tried a few sound card drivers some work for a few min when i restart the machine others don’t at all. I’m not a geek so i couldn’t figure it out on my own. I got all the other driver and they work fine, just need the sound card driver.


  4. Hi there Kyle,

    Unfortunately I don’t have specific information on what driver you need for your model, however I did find a webpage that you can access here that contains some rather technical instructions that are supposed to work on all V2000 model Presarios.

  5. ok so i tried that and still nothing. Is there any else that you think may help i really don’t want to downgrade to xp again, windows7 in amazing.

  6. Aside from that I’m not too sure, are you getting any errors? Are you confident with using the device manager and if so what errors is it giving you for the sound card?

  7. under device manager when i right click on the driver and click properties the error in the status says “This device cannot start. (Code 10)” that’s the only type of error i get. When i double click on the speaker in the bottom right hand corner it starts detecting problems, when its done scanning it says ” hardware changes may not have been detected , yellow caution symbol and says detected beside that also. ive tried updating the driver thru the device manager also.


  8. It sounds like the driver file is not being run properly by Windows 7, or that it is the wrong driver for the card, by the sounds of it Windows Update doesn’t have the driver either so it sounds like it may not be possible for your specific V2000 model.

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