Whispy Blue Theme Release

I’ve just released the latest theme for WordPress, “Whispy Blue”, you can find out more information and download it here.

Whispy Blue
Whispy Blue

Leave a comment below if you experience any issues with using the theme.

Version 1.05 has been released, get it here.

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5 thoughts on “Whispy Blue Theme Release”

  1. Ok I think I have figured out why it may not be working for you, it appears you may be running an old version of WordPress, or it hasn’t been upgraded properly in the past, as 2 of the built in features required for the Accordion to work are quite old versions, I have created a special version of the theme that you can download here that contains it’s own new versions of the files, it should work then.

    I highly recommend updating to the latest version of WordPress if you can as there are a few security issues with some of the older versions.

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