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D-Link SharePort Update

Update: D-Link has released a new firmware for the DIR-655 here, it contains a version of SharePort that is newer than SX Virtual Link.

I haven’t been following D-Link’s SharePort fiasco since the first few months of my previous blog posting about it here. This is due to the fact that as many users have experienced since the original release it appears to have gained more and more bugs in each new version and we only occasionally see them being fixed.

A forum post in the official D-Link forums about the Apple OSX users of the software pointed me to the fact that the drivers and software used to connect to the router appears to have been made by a company called Silex Technology.

I searched around and found SX-Virtual Link, the original name of the D-Link SharePort Utility, upon downloading and installing the latest version 3.2.3 I found that the application was the same as the SharePort Utility except for the branding and the version. D-Link’s latest SharePort Utility has the date 2009/01/06 and theirs is 2009/02/02, there is also a major version difference, the specific version number for the utility/drivers with SharePort is version 4.9.5 and SX-Virtual Link is up to version 5.3.0.

Upon using the utility I had no problems at all connecting to my D-Link DIR-655’s device, I used a wireless mouse to test the functionality and it worked flawlessly for some time, so I am encouraging users who currently have issues with SharePort to uninstall it and install SX-Virtual Link and see if it fixes any of the issues you are currently having with your devices.

For OSX users I have not been able to test out the OSX version and I am unaware of any changes you might need to make to get it working but I will provide a link below for those users to test if they so wish.

You can get the latest version of SX-Virtual Link just below:

These are updated versions (3.4.0) 31/12/2009

SX Virtual Link 3.4.0 Windows
SX Virtual Link 3.3.0 Mac OSX

Please comment below with your experiences.

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63 thoughts on “D-Link SharePort Update”

  1. SX Virtual Link suffers the same fate as the D-Link version – works fine on initial install (can connect to both a printer and a hard drive via a USB hub connected to the DIR-655), but after a day or so, no luck connecting to either device, even though they still appear in the GUI. Cannot find anything specific that triggers it to fail. And is very annoying that the GUI says “You are connected” after getting the alert box stating that it failed to connect. Poor programming all around.
    Two MacBook Pros and a MacBook, all running Snow Leopard (X.6.8), D-Link 655, firmware 1.32NA
    Tired upgrading the firmware to 1.35NA – the DR-655 reported was uploaded successfully, and restarted, but still displays 1.32NA. (Maybe that’s why the built-in “Check for newer firmware” function fails to find the new version…)

  2. Hi.

    I have a D-Link DIR-865L router with a portable hard disk attached via USB to the router.

    I don’t use the SharePort Utility but access the storage via mapped network drive.

    I have a internet Hostname defined for this attached storage.

    On my mobile phone, I use the SharePort mobile app to access. I can access a few files and open them. But for the majority of the files, I get error 414 when I tried to open them. They are of the same file type, PDF, as the few that I can open. I can verify that all the files exist on the storage.

    Do you know how to rectify the error 414? Or how I may use the Silex virtual link to overcome this? The mobile app is useless if I cannot access all my files.

    Thank you very much!

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