Downgrade D-Link DIR-655 1.3x Firmware

I have been debating whether or not I should put this up, however after much testing I have concluded that it is safe, it works and many other people have used this method, it goes without saying that this is still quite dangerous to do as nobody knows why D-Link doesn’t allow the downgrade to take place and they may believe it can cause bricked routers.

There is firmware floating around that allows a D-Link DIR-655 to downgrade to pre-1.3x firmware (and also to other countries’ firmware), here are the results of my testing:

First I factory reset my router, it was running the 1.33NA b01 firmware, then I firmware upgraded it to the DIR655A4_FW131RUB10 firmware file that I will make available at the end, this is a modified version of an official Russian firmware, (apparently 2 bytes is all that has been changed).

D-link DIR-655 Downgrade 1
The first step, upgrade to the RU firmware

Once this was complete I was running the modified firmware, as you can see it is still in English.

D-link DIR-655 Downgrade 2
Here I am running the modified firmware

Then I was free to upgrade/downgrade to any firmware I wished, so I decided to try the official Australian Firmware 1.21 and this worked perfectly.

D-link DIR-655 Downgrade 3
Back on the Australian firmware

Here is the chklst.txt info on the firmware to prove it downgraded successfully.

D-link DIR-655 Downgrade 4
chklst.txt of AU firmware

You can download the modified firmware below:

Modified RU DIR-655 firmware

D-Link DIR-655 1.33NA Firmware final released

D-Link have been quick to release new versions of the 1.33NA firmware recently, now they have released the final 1.33NA version.

In my experience it is one of the better versions of the 1.3x firmware family, here is the changelog:

  • Fixed: Correct HNAP issue.
  • Fixed: DNS relay issue ( WAN Slowdown )
  • Added: Advanced DNS descriptions

Remember this cannot be downgraded by official means to anything pre-1.3x or other international firmwares, however you can always try the unofficial way.

You can download it here:

D-Link DIR-655 Firmware 1.33NA
or download from D-Link

D-Link DIR-655 Firmware 1.33b01NA

Update 31-01-2010: There is a new firmware version 1.33NA final that can be found here.

D-Link has released a new firmware for the DIR-655, version 1.33b01NA.

It’s not known yet what has been changed though it appears to be working quite well for people.

You can get it here.

Remember that this is the North American firmware so while it is compatible with other countries’ hardware it cannot be downgraded to pre 1.3x NA firmware OR to any other country’s firmware, so once you go NA, you can’t go back.

Please visit the D-Link forums post about it here before you install the firmware as this doesn’t have support from the usual places. Feedback can be left in this forum post.

Also let us know how it goes in the comments below.

Nginx and HTML5 Video in Firefox

Recently I moved my site to a new VPS run by me, the whole process went smoothly and after removing a few server specific .htaccess commands the site was up and running again.

I noticed however that the HTML5 video files that I have been using on a trial basis had stopped working with a big X in the middle of the video frame, but only in Firefox.

This indicates many possible problems with the video, some of which I could immediately dismiss as the file worked fine and other browsers such as Chrome had no issues playing it.

I remembered that it’s important to make sure the mime types are set correctly in apache, easily done with a modification of the .htaccess file in the site’s root directory, however I already had them in place, after trying different things I finally realised that nginx was serving the files directly so I did the following steps:

Open up the Nginx mime type configuration file, eg: /etc/nginx/mime.types
Paste these lines after the last video mime type, in my case it was avi:

    video/ogg                             ogm;
    video/ogg                             ogv;
    video/ogg                             ogg;

Restart nginx, it should then serve ogg video correctly to Firefox users.