My Corsair H50 CPU Cooler Experience

This is my main computer, I built it this time last year:

Case: Cooler Master Cosmos S
Power Supply: Antec NeoPower 650
Motherboard: Asus P6T Deluxe
CPU: Intel Core i7 920 (C0 Stepping)
RAM: 3GB Corsair DDR3 1333MHz (tr3x3g1333c9)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTX, temporarily only one, normally x2 in SLi, explanation below
Hard Drives: 1x 60GB OCZ Vertex (running firmware 1.40 (TRIM)), 1x 500GB Seagate 702.11 (running fixed firmware)
Other Drives: ASUS 20x SATA DVD Burner

Over past few months the fan on my Intel Core i7 stock CPU cooler started failing, the fan initially halved in fan speed, then slowly lost ~50rpm per week while my CPU temp crept up, fan control was off and there was nothing blocking the fan from physically moving, so I decided to replace it.

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New TRIM version for OCZ Vertex SSDs

Tony over at the OCZ forums has released version 0525 of the TRIM utility designed restore the write performance of the Vertex series drives by resetting the write blocks.

This new version appears to work correctly for me, the previous version 0422 didn’t do anything when run even though it said it completed successfully and the original version corrupted many files on my drive.

It was run using Windows 7 x64 RC (7100) using IDE mode with the intel IDE driver loaded.

You can view the forum thread and find the file here.