D-link Dir 655 Firmware

D-Link SharePort new release 1.10 and DIR-655 1.30 Firmware

Update 16th January 2010: 1.33b01NA has been released.

Update 20th August 2009: All users having issues with SharePort, check out this post for the latest information.

Update 1: The 1.30 firmware now has a beta tag and is available at: ftp://ftp.dlink.com/Gateway/dir655/Firmware/dir655_firmware_130_beta.zip. Before downloading please read below as this firmware isn’t like the others:

Update 2: Firmware 1.31 is available from the D-Link website now, you can get it here.

Update 3: Beta firmware 1.32NA is available now, it fixes a SharePort issue, read about it and download here.

Update 4: Firmware 1.32NA FINAL is available now, read about it and download here.

Update 5: D-Link has released a new beta firmware for the DIR-655 here, it ONLY fixes *a* SharePort issue.

It appears that D-Link have updated the firmware of the DIR-655 router to v1.30, however it has been pulled from their servers just after release, if it becomes available again it should be at ftp://ftp.dlink.com/Gateway/dir655/Firmware/dir655_firmware_130.zip which is the link they had before it was pulled. The most likely reason for pulling the release is due to that fact that it cannot be downgraded once it is installed, coupled with the fact that it removed wireless B support makes it a bit of a gamble.

According to a D-Link forum admin:

The 1.30 Firmware has been taken down from the support site. It may do a little too much at once.
Removing 802.11b is not a bad thing for most people.
Conditions that make a firmware unable to be downgraded are not always avoidable.
Distributing a firmware that removed 802.11b and also will not allow the end-user to downgrade said firmware, could result in customer service or RMA issues neither the customer, seller, or manufacture desire.

Granted from what I have seen, people are reading the release notes and the warnings about the firmware, but I am looking to be on the safe side as the user base with access to the code made change (not read).

It may go back up because the benefits to the majority are to great, but for now we just need too take a closer look at the release.

It is available to download on some sites and people who have installed it are finding it to be a good release, but I urge people not to try it just yet as D-Link may put a new version out soon that can be downgraded or has wireless B support.

Change Log:
Fix DHCP server issue.
Modify the turn from “Network USB” to “Shareport” in the option of “My USB Type is:”
Add Advanced DNS Service feature.
Add SecureSpot 2.0
Remove the 3G from GUI
Fix LLTD wrong icon in Vista.
Fix reboot issue when connecting to Internet
Add Graphical authentication to log-in page.
Removed 802.11b
This firmware can not downgraded to previous versions.
Guest Zone disable SharePort support (USB spec v1.05)
New SharePort support PC/Mac (Requires Utility Installed on PC or Mac to work)
Router time is not reset when factory reset.
Fix schedule end time error.

SharePort 1.10 for PC and now 1.01 for Mac OSX was released at the same time, the PC version has a lower version number than the previous 1.14 release but it is most likely a newer version.
Update: This appears to only work with the above 1.30 firmware.

You can get it here for: Windows OSX

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16 thoughts on “D-Link SharePort new release 1.10 and DIR-655 1.30 Firmware”

  1. I tried out the mac shareport utility out with my dir-628. Running 10.5.6 and tried an hsf+ external drive. Did not work. I really hope they release a mac friendly shareport utility for all shareport compatible routers and firmwares soon.

  2. Going by their current rate of development I would put the next release at 3 months – 6 months away for now, but they might release a fix as not many have been able to use the mac version at all.

  3. Ran the update with the Beta 1.30 Firmware. Shareport 1.10 installed on a Vista Prem. 64. with a wired connection. Shareport software will launch, show a storage device as being available, however clicking connect just causes things to run for approximately 30 seconds and then goes back to reporting the device as available again. Tried three different USB hard drives (powered and unpowered) and a 8Gb Kingston usb flash. No difference. Haven’t tried a printer, or a wireless unit trying to access Shareport as of yet. Disappointing to see 3G disappear. Wireless B won’t be missed though.

  4. I just upgraded the DIR-825 firmware to 1.10 and loaded the OSX version of Shareport to an Intel Mac running 10.4.11. Both the HFS+ and a FAT32 partitions on a Maxtor OT4+ were available and working.

  5. Just got my DIR-655, installed new firmware from US site1.31NA, tried to connect on the mac it is bit slow to connect to the websites also share port shows as usb drive connected but the ipod of usb drive popped up initially but after diconnecting reconnection is not happenning any ideas?

  6. I have the DIR-825. Upgraded both the firmware and the shareport utility. Now shareport doesn’t work. It disconnects right after connecting. I assume the problem is with the upgraded router firmware. Turning off the router sometimes gets rid of the problem for a short while.

    No response yet from D-Link.

  7. Not much to suggest especially if it was working before the upgrade, have you made sure you are running the correct version of SharePort for the latest firmware? Also make sure you uninstall the old SharePort completely, I had similar problems when I installed a new version over the old one.

  8. Anyone experiencing random resets on DIR-655 with
    Firmware Version: 1.32NA
    Hardware Version: A4

    Pretty bloody annoying….

  9. I haven’t come across any random resets before, the power supply for the router may be faulty or one of the LAN clients may be trying to draw too much power from the ports.

  10. Having similar problems posted here. DIR-655 1.32NA + 1.10 Shareport. It shows printer ok. However, Shareport will connect only for a few seconds then go back to ‘Available’. It fails on the ‘Configure’ step on Autoconnect option. Same issue on 3 computers. 1 running XP wireless, 1 Vista64 wireless, 1 Vista64 wired.

    Any ideas of what to do on the router?

  11. Will the D-link dir655 work for mac? I know the software is not compatible but do I need that to connect? I have been using a D-link di624 801.11g and want to upgrade to the n router seeing as though my 624 appears to have bit the dust.


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