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D-Link DIR-655 Router and SharePoint/SharePort

October 2, 2008 – 5:49 PM

Update 16th January 2010: 1.33b01NA has been released.

Update 2nd November 2009: All users having issues with SharePort, check out this post for the latest information.

Update: Make sure you read the comments below to find out anything new about this feature, many bugs has been fixed since the original release, as of August 2009 Firmware 1.32NA FINAL is the latest firmware, read about it and download it here.

I have owned a D-Link DIR-655 router for the past year and it is by far the best router that I have ever used, although I did pay $150 more than what I have paid for a router before, so I’ve gotten what I have paid for.

Starting with the version 1.21 Beta 04 of the DIR-655 firmware there is now SharePoint functionality available. SharePoint as the media and other sites partially call it or SharePort as it is called everywhere else including the software itself is a way for D-Link products to share a USB device over the LAN, i’m going to try to not confuse you any further so I will refer to it only as SharePort from now on.

SharePort is an interesting feature that I actually wanted to be able to do a few years ago, by sharing USB devices from a computer so they can be used on another PC as if the device was actually plugged into your PC. D-Link have finally brought this technology to life in a limited fashion with SharePort.

This is how SharePort works, I will use my DIR-655 and Brother DCP-150C MFC as an example.
The DIR-655 has a USB port on the back, tests seem to indicate it is a USB 1.1 port, up until now the port was used for wireless settings that could be stored on a USB key.

DIR-655DIR-655 USB Port

After installing the new firmware however the USB port has found more use, we’re greeted with a new menu under Setup that controls the use of the port.

New USB Page

As you can see there is not much to the setup of this USB port, WCN Configuration is the default, this is used for the wireless configuration key, choose the dropdown box:


Choosing Network USB puts the router in SharePort mode, choosing 3G USB Adapter is a bit of a mystery to me, I’m not sure what devices are compatible with this yet, however as most people do, I have a 3G service and using it as a backup by only connecting the device up to the USB port and choosing 3G USB Adapter would be very handy.

Once you have chosen Network USB the device is automatically shared, however in order to connect you must install the SharePort software from D-Link, this is still in Beta it appears so use with caution etc etc, I haven’t had a problem with it yet and it seems fairly polished. once it is installed make sure you allow it to run at startup and run it straight away, otherwise you won’t be able to use the device without manually running the SharePort software each time, it only uses 2MB of ram so it’s not a resource hog.

SharePort Printer

If your USB device is on and connected then the SharePort utility should display like this once you double click on the icon in the system tray. It will then allow you to run through a wizard for installing the device, you will need your device’s driver cd or the latest driver for their website, at the end you will be asked if you want to automatically connect to the device when you print if it is a printer, this is a good idea otherwise you must manually choose to connect.

Once that is all set up on each computer that uses the device, you will notice that each device states that the printer is paused and offline, print to the printer anyway, the SharePort software detects that a print has been sent to the printer and it automatically assigns the printer to your computer and while the printer is communicating with your PC it will show as connected, once the print job has been finished it will then return back to offline, paused.

The limitation of this feature is that it will only work on one PC at a time, USB devices simply aren’t designed to be connected to 2 PCs at once so it makes sense why this is the case.
I have not tried such things as webcams however they have been known to work, however at a slower rate than normal, the scanner feature of my printer works fine, however you must manually connect using the SharePort software to use it, make sure you disconnect after you are done.

As I stated at the start of this article the SharePort software is something I have been waiting a long time for, it’s a great feature considering my router is not the latest out there now and it almost seemed like D-Link had given up adding new features to it, it also shows how well the device can work if it can handle a USB device while it is performing all it’s other duties.

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    Just upgraded firmware on my DIR 655 router to 1.21. When I started to install the SharePort Utility application it crashed my Desktop and Laptop computers both are Windows Vista Home Premium OS. Called Dlink tech support but found no issues. Anybody had the same problem? In need of a solution on this problem…please help.

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    Well i’m still running 1.21 Beta 04, there might be something with 1.21 final, also it might be a good idea to re-download the utility from and possibly re-flash the router with OR the no_securespot file has a newer date on it than the standard 1.21 firmware. What kind of software do you currently have running on both of the computers? Try shutting off virus scanners etc on both when installing this.

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    I just installed firmware 1.13 on my dgl-4500 as well as installed the shareport utility. Shareport isn’t recionizing my router as on the network or my external HD as being connected. Any thoughts?

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    I’m actually trying to get to the bottom of a similar problem i’m experiencing, a few days ago my pc stopped detecting when my printer was on and most of the time also didn’t detect when the router was connected.

    I have reinstalled it, rebooted the router and it doesn’t change, even when every other PC works perfectly.

    Possible Solution: Actually I have just fixed the problem, it seems it can’t recognize devices when you have more than one enabled network card, so if you’re running VMware etc you will have to disable the other network connections and reboot before it will start detecting again. If you are able to get it working also from this let me know.

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    Apparently this only works on the US version of the 655. I have flashed the firmware to the latest EU version and there is no screen as described above.

    Just wanted to make it clear that this is for US users only. Everyone else, don’t be mistaken into thinking this router will network anything other than web access.

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    Thanks for the heads up, I’ve been using the US version of the firmware in my AU bought 655.

    I don’t recommend doing that, however I don’t believe there is any difference at all in the hardware for different regions either.

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    Ben- Thanks for this great tutorial – using your instructions, I was able to update the firmware, install the print utility and print using my router-connected laptop! Just a word of thanks.

    As an FYI, I used the D-Link router software’s own “check for firmware updates” feature, and it automatically recommended version 1.21 (dated 10/9/2008). Now I’m printing hunky-dory on a Vista-based laptop (Compaq), and an XP/Home-based desktop (Compaq). Still have another Dell laptop to connect. Printer is an HP Deskjet F4180 All-In-One. Had to install SharePoint and the HP printer driver on the laptop, but that was no big deal.

    One difference I have noticed from what you had said: I do not have to reconnect to the printer each time I use it. Once I am connected, it stays connected unless I opt to “release” it. If one of the PC’s is connected, and you want to print from a different one, it will offer you the option of “requesting a release” from the machine that is connected. Then, the machine that is currently connected receives a pop-up message asking it to disconnect so another user may use the printer. The status bar also shows the computer name of whichever machine is currently connected actively to the printer. Maybe this was another firmware update that was included in the 10/9/08 release?

    As an FYI, I am a US user.

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    Thank you for your comment Lisa, I’m glad you liked my instructions.

    I’ve never actually come across this, all my computers are set to auto-connect so they are only connected to the printer in the short few seconds that the print job is sent, then it disconnects again, I assume it would be part of mine too however I haven’t come across due to not having it connected to any one PC long enough for another to request the use of it.

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    There are definitely issues with ver 1.2 & 1.21 versions of the DIR-655 firmware.

    The Virtual Servers mapping does not work properly for outgoing packets. I run a mail server that started functioning intermittently on these two firmware revs. Reverting to 1.11 solved the problem. Connections to port 25 (smtp) would route to the appropriate internal server on my network but it seems the servers resp was not always getting back to the distant connecting server. this leaves the smtp routines waiting for additional communication that never comes and times out. Sometimes the transmitting server will give up and mail is lost.

    Also, schedules can’t be configured properly.. the firmware incorrectly flags times as invalid ie: 11pm to 5am is invalid in 1.2x and ok in 1.11.

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    That’s pretty bad Brian, I haven’t experienced anything too bad with these firmwares myself, but others are reporting problems. Previously I held off 1.2 as people were having issues with it, but it appears not all of the issues may have been fixed.

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    I wonder if you could test something for me… could you try to set up a schedule using 11pm to 5am and see if it considers that valid? That will tell me if this is a universal problem with 1.21 or something thats just a problem with my unit and firmware…. thx

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    I am experiencing the same error, seems to not like spanning over midnight. What happens when you set a schedule from 11PM to 12PM and one from 12AM to 5AM?

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    I have found the french website where french dlink representative claims shareport functionality will be available in weeks in EU firmwares:

    One of the comment below the artical sais US firmware works fine on EU hardware (as Ben wrote – probably there are no differences in hardware), shareport works fine, and canon’s multifunction pixma can scan via the shared port.
    I’m ordering the DIR-655 for me…

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    @ Jun (and anyone else)…I also ran into the “installing SharePort” crashed my systems issue. (both v .94 and 1.0 releases)

    The DIR-655 went in great, firmware update went fine. Router/wireless ripping fast.

    Went to install the SharePort software and it crashed my XP SP3 and Vista Home Premium systems horribly bad. Was able to get them going via system restore, but wasn’t pretty for a while.

    I’m suspecting a conflict with AVG Free 8 which is a common piece of software on all my systems.

    Can anyone else possibly confirm a SharePort/AVG Free 8 driver conflict who may have crashed their systems during/after installing SharePort?


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    Well, I have the same problem as jun. Sharepoint version 1.0 crashes my laptops when installing and uninstalling. I have firmware 1.21 but I don’t think that matters because I can’t even install the software without crashing. Called Dlink support and tehy say that Sharepoint and the USB port are not supported on the DIR-655.

    Might seek an alternative product that can properly support a hard drive. Any recommendations? I might try the Apple Airport Extreeme now that it is Gigabit and Dual Mode capable.

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    I’m almost certain in my case there is a driver conflict between the SharePort driver and something else. I’m strongly leaning in favor of it being some kind of system protection (HIPS?) feature of AVG Free 8 in my case.

    On test-bed systems, I can install SharePort just fine (v.94 or v1.0). However if I first have AVG Free 8 installed the machines blue-screen during the end of the installation process…either when a driver or service attempts to be installed. Curiously, on a “real” system it tanks during the installation, on a virtual system, it only tanks during uninstallation of SharePort with AVG Free 8.

    However, (on the Virtual systems) if I first uninstall AVG Free 8, reboot, install SharePort, reboot, then install AVG Free 8 everything seems happy.

    I need to do a bit more troubleshooting first before I move to my “live” systems. It wasn’t much fun doing a system restore on two out of my three systems this weekend.

    I don’t think it is a router-hardware/firmware issue as best as I can tell. My DIR-655 if ripping fast and solid. I did upgrade to firmware 1.21 which enables this new SharePort feature, but I don’t see how the router firmware is impacting the systems. I’m convinced it is with the SharePort sofware itself and specifically a driver or service conflict at installation initialization. I just have to pin down the conflict point.

    And yes…I spent over 30 min on the phone with Dlink support last night and it was next to worthless. I finally got the poor tech to escalate my findings to a supervisor and maybe it will make it to a technical desk at Dlink.

    According to this guy, there are no newer “back-room” versions available for SharePort at this time.

    Will let you know what I find out.

    Otherwise I’ve been very happy with the DIR-655 device overall. Too bad the SharePort feature was one of the deciding factors for going with this model.


    (BTW–I posted the comment right above SteveW’s above mine…somehow the browser trapped jun’s name in the author field.)


  17. Comment #17

    That’s good troubleshooting work there Claus, it would be a SharePort software issue for sure, perhaps AVG isn’t playing nice either, they haven’t exactly got the best record recently regarding issues with other software. I will see if I can find out anything tomorrow regarding AVG/SharePort, I’m sure one of the companies knows something.

    I wouldn’t expect D-Link to update the software for a while but I guess they would only know that for sure.

    Hopefully if enough people have the issue though they will fix it soon, the software itself has to work with all SharePort capable hardware and there’s quite a few of those out there now.

    By the way I have changed your name in the comment above SteveW so the conversation can be understood properly, let me know if you experience bugs with the comments system, it’s my code so it has a possibility of bugs.

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    I also installed 1.21 on my DIR-655 and the USB software. My hardwired computer found the printer immediately. My notebook (wireless) sharport says it can’t find a USB device. Any suggestions?

  19. Comment #19

    Try disabling any other network cards and restarting, even the ethernet card, Shareport gets confused easily by multiple network connections, if it is running VMWare try disabling the VMNet network cards.

    Also temporarily disable any firewalls you may have on the laptop just in case one is blocking the connection.

  20. Comment #20

    Having the same issue as Valca but I am running the new Norton Virus scanner so I am wondering if its some thing other then a virus scanner.

  21. Comment #21

    Hi guys. Still testing the issue.

    I had previously suspected AVG 8 so this weekend I found some free time. Decided to put my theory to the test on my Vista Home Prem. SP1 system.

    I uninstalled AVG 8, made a manual Restore Point (good thing I did) rebooted, so far so good. Then I installed SharePort.


    System Restore using my save-point restored my system. Now I was back to square one.

    Moved on to a fresh Virtual PC session using a pristine XP SP2 installation. Installed SharePort just fine. No issues. Uninstalled it just fine.

    Next suspect I had was NetLimiter Monitor which is also common on all my three systems.

    Installed NetLimiter Monitor and rebooted. Good. No stability issues.

    Went to install SharePort (v1.0) and near the end of the setup…just like my real systems…the virtual system did an immediate black-screen reboot.


    So I have uninstalled NetLimiter Monitor from my systems and put in a email query to their support team asking if they can look into this independently.

    Seeing how it appears both SharePort and NetLimiter Monitor both seem to hook into the Windows networking drivers/services this makes pretty good sense.

    Will give another update if/when they respond.

    Not sure if I am brave enough just yet to repeat the experiment on my live systems again.


  22. Comment #22

    Hi Everyone, I am Brand new to all of this. Recently Upgraded to the DIR655. Great. 1 Desktop 5 Notebooks. Desktop has the PCI network card, Router, DSL Modem Etc. Notebooks are all running internal 802.11G Devices.
    If I unplug the USB Cable from the Oki550 color laser from the Desktop, and plug it into the USB Port on the DIR655. Is this ultimately (or Theoretically)going to allow us to print to that Laser without turning on the Desktop Computer first?
    For now that is my ultimate objective and this is my first question.

  23. Comment #23

    Yes this will allow access to the Printer any time the Router is on, the printer and router are the only 2 things that need to be on for this to work, however that is provided they do not route through the desktop at any stage. As can be seen by the comments you should exercise a bit of caution when installing the Shareport software as it doesn’t play well with other software that has networking components.

  24. Comment #24

    Hey guys I found the issue… Its Net Limiter uninstall that and you are good to go ^_^

  25. Comment #25


    Just to confirm what I suspected and Nick has confirmed…the Net Limiter 2 Monitor program does critically conflict with the SharePort application (at this time).

    I had uninstalled it from my XP Home (SP3) and Vista Home Premium (SP1) systems. Then I reinstalled SharePort after creating System Restore points (just to be safe).

    Installation went fine this time and no BSOD or conflicts were observed. The SharePort application quickly found the Seagate USB flash storage device and I was able to “mount/connect” to it and read/write files from all systems.

    To be clear…only one system can be connected to the device at one time as far as I can tell. Other than that it now works great.

    Whew! That was a doozie working that issue out. Thanks to Nick for posting a confirmation.

    I did send an email to the Net Limiter support team about the issue, but no response yet.

    Not sure if it will occur with all their programs (paid/free) or just with Net Limiter 2 Monitor.

    Thanks all!


    –Claus V.

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    Hi, i’m owning the Dir-855 as my dear old Dir-655 went to my sisters apartment as a permanent solution. However i’d be very interested in knowing if the DIR-855 supports this feature as well. It might be a good add-on for my already awesome Wireless router.


  27. Comment #27


    According to a D-Link press release, the DIR-855 is included in those that SharePort supports.


    “The innovative SharePort USB network-bridging feature is available on D-Link Xtreme N Gigabit Router models – the DIR-655, DIR-825, DIR-855 and DGL-4500 Gaming Router with GameFuelâ„¢. The SharePort technology upgrade is also available on the RangeBooster N DIR-628. Current owners of those routers will be able to upgrade to SharePort technology by downloading the latest firmware and client utility from the D-Link website,”

    I think this is the link to the DIR-855 firmware and SharePort download page:

    Firmware –

    (That’s one nice looking 855 model by-the-way. Makes my 655 look plain! ;)

    Good luck!

    Claus V.

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    Hi, I have my own DIR655 for 1 week. Its an EU version, but US firmware 1.21 run smothly. Shareport works, but not very stable.

    First issue, sharing USB disk drive over the WiFi is not a good idea IMHO. Any network problem and Vista have issues with device. Also performance is an issue (800kB/s when 2M/s when copying files between laptops with WiFi n adapters).
    But I purchased this router for printer sharing. And it is possible, but Shareport Utility (1.0) works only on the local account. When working on the active directory account, the utility’s popup window shows the device connected to the router’s USB port. But when clicking on the tray icon the app window is not shown. Application is on the taskbar but has no window to select device and do connect.
    On the local account everything is OK. Seems to be the SharePort Utility issue. The OS was installed a week ago, not many aplications installed.

    Any ideas?

  29. Comment #29

    Claus, thank you very much, i was suffering from this issue until now. I spent my whole weekend for nothing, thank you!
    this net limiter sucks:\

  30. Comment #30

    Hi, i am having this isue with dlink 655 v1.21
    and shareport v.1.0…
    multifuction printer and usb flash drive work flawless on 2 xp sp3, and 1 vista 64 machines,
    but when i connect an ipod touch v. 2.0, the shareport utility shows “available for use”
    and try to connect to it and all 3 of my pc’s drop the internet connection, wireless and hardwired and needless to say the itouch wont connect and the internet is restored automatically, is like the router goes into a power cycle or something.
    Then i tried same procedure but with an ipod nano this time, and guess what, worked perfect!!
    is anybody having this problem and or know the workaround to this?
    thanx for your help.

  31. Comment #31

    Hi there!
    So.. i have a dir-655 EU router and tried the 1.21 US firmware myself. i’m not going to lie, the firmware upgrade didn’t go without a hitch. When i uploaded the firmware to the router, i couldn’t get to the administration page of the router anymore… but after a reset everything went back to normal (it might be a good idea to save the configuration of the router before you do the firmware update). Anyways, i encourage everybody with a non us dir-655 to try the 1.21 firmware… so far everything’s working fine and even managed to attach my printer to it and it works great… next thing to try is a storage device :D

  32. Comment #32

    Remember guys, the router appears to be limited to USB 1.1 speeds, ie about 1MB/second so it is not recommended unless you have a small device and don’t have much to transfer, also routers aren’t the fastest systems so transferring data over the USB probably puts alot of strain on the device which could cause anything from slower LAN speeds and wireless dropouts to router reboots.

    Thank you for all your research Claus, hopefully soon one of the companies is able to fix the problems with compatibility.

  33. Comment #33

    I was hoping you could help me with another issue.

    I recently upgraded from another D-link router to a Dir-655. Upgraded to f/w 1.21. Have multiple machines on a local network workgroup that all saw each other fine with the older router. Now I cant see any of the other machines on the lan. I know I’ve missed something simple so I was hoping you could give me a heads up. All nodes see the internet fine and ip’s are reserved and withing dhcp range. What have I missed? Much thanks

  34. Comment #34

    There are 2 things off the top of my head that have issues when moving networks, mainly when the network changes it’s IP arrangements, some firewall software including Windows Firewall and commonly ZoneAlarm can block a PC from being ‘discoverable’ as it believes this new network is a public network on the internet instead of a private LAN, if you are running Windows Vista the same thing can happen, make sure your PCs have their network connection set to Home or Private, those really should be the only times when that problem should occur.

    If they are wireless also make sure that Wireless Partition is disabled in the Advanced Wireless properties as this will cause a similar affect.

  35. Comment #35

    I am having the same BSOD problem on Vista as mentioned by others. The PC went to BSOD at the end of the Shareport install and then BSOD’ed each time I tried to login. I have Trend Micro AV and the Nortel Contivity VPN client. Both are essential programs and I can’t uninstall either. Could either one of these be a problem?

  36. Comment #36

    I am interested in upgrading to this router so I have searched different forums for clues.

    Today I noticed there is a new (still v1.21) file updated 12.12.08. Anyone tried if this is a new version with fixes or not ?

  37. Comment #37

    I’ll give it a try and see if it changes anything based on issues people have had, on that note a new issue I have noticed has arisen, occasionally after having the router on for more than a week the shareport software on all computers starts giving out connection errors, if they’re left for a while there can be hundreds on the screen, restarting the router stops the errors for a while.

  38. Comment #38

    The 1.21 is the same as the one that was released a few months ago, just with the date changed, however about 2 or 3 versions have been labelled 1.21 without a beta tag, with the last one being 1.21 B10 in November, so if you downloaded 1.21 in October or earlier, download it again and install, it fixes a few problems with port forwarding and saving settings.

  39. Comment #39

    Hi gang,

    Great thread!

    I’m having a shareport problem, and wanted to see if anyone has experienced the same.

    here’s my setup:

    1. DIR-655 with firmware 1.21
    2. Win XP Pro machine (as a vmware client) with shareport 1
    3. WD external HDD

    The HDD is plugged into the USB port on the router, but I’m not able to connect to it from the the Win XP pro machine. The XP machine will continuously notify me that it has “Found” the HDD, but the Shareport tray icon continues to stay red, and never turns green. After about 30 seconds, the notification will come back. I’m completely at a loss, as it workeed in the past when I had this vm client on another host. I know that vmware may be causing this, but I don’t see how, because I only have one network adapter enabled on the XP machine (ethernet bridged). I’ve spent hours trying to get this to work…Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



  40. Comment #40

    I have this setup DIR-655 Firmware 1.2.1 and Shareport I got to work if I disable my Microsoft OneCare firewall.

    Does anyone know the Port’s used by D-Link SharePort?

  41. Comment #41

    If you all go to Dlink’s website for the router, you will see that it says,
    “This firmware is engineered for US products only.
    Using this firmware on a device outside of the United States will void your warranty and may render the device unusable.

    Please contact the D-Link office in your region for firmware updates that are compatible with your D-Link product.”
    “¤ Added SharePort features.
    ¤ Fixed email notification issue.

    Please download the SharePort Utility and see the SharePort manual before use.”
    You have to download the actual utility to use it!

  42. Comment #42

    Oh, and I almost forgot, this is for x86 version OS’s only. x64 is not supported.

  43. Comment #43

    Hi James, I’m not sure of the ports myself however if you open up a command prompt and use the command ‘netstat’ just after attempting to connect using Shareport, look for the router’s IP and you should be able to see all ports that the PC is connecting to the router for, OneCare may have a log file that might allow you to do a similar thing, just make sure you’re running as little network applications as possible at the time as the lists can get pretty long and do not have any p2p programs running at the time either.

    Hi Jody, I have tested version 0.94 and version 1.00 on Windows XP x64 and Windows Vista x64 and have had no problems, is there an x64 version that doesn’t allow this to run?

  44. Comment #44

    I just got a D-Link DIR628 which also has the shareport utility. However, I am having some rather strange problem and wonder if anyone can offer some help or suggestions.

    On my wife’s Vista laptop, the shareport network USB utility installed smoothly and works nicely. On my XP Pro desktop, the first installation hung and when I rebooted, the network USB utility started but couldn’t see the devices behind the router. I have been trying different firewall settings (and eventually turned off all firewalls just to try it) the last few days and nothing seemed to really work.

    The only thing that seemed to work is if I uninstall the shareport utility, reinstall it, then the first time it got started after reinstall, I could see the devices. If I exit out and restart the utility, it’s the same old problem of not seeing any device. Rebooting also has the same problem of not seeing anything. The only way to get it to work so far, seems to be uninstall->reboot->reinstall and it only worked after that sequence.

    Anyone has any idea on what this problem might be? When it worked, it worked great. I got 80 Mbps from an external HD which is not great but not too bad either. I could also put both my MFP printer and the HD behind a hub and access both of them. It’s really wonderful that way. I just wish I can get it to work on all my computers. By the way, my other system is a Mac and there isn’t a Mac version for that utility. :(

    Sorry for the long mail, any help or suggestion is really appreciated. Thanks.

  45. Comment #45

    I have seen a few instances where the devices can’t be found on a pc randomly, however I have not experienced this on a PC every time after it has been installed. Is the PC able to detect the router using the Shareport utility?

    Right click on the Shareport icon, in the menu you should see the name of your router and it’s IP address, make sure it is selected, if not go to it and a new menu will open up, make sure you click on Enable, also you can click on Configuration to get some advanced settings.

    D-Link Shareport Network Selection

    If the router doesn’t show up in the list then there may be some connection settings on that PC that are limiting the connection between it and the router.

    I’m also waiting on a Mac version of the software, though I think it might not happen any time soon.

  46. Comment #46

    Anybody use a USB hub on the shareport and get more than 1 device to work?

  47. Comment #47

    Ben – thanks for the response. The PC that I am problem with is directly connected to the route through a wired connection using a CAT5 cable. It is the primary system that I use to set up and configure the router. When I had the problem, the top line in the right-click screen of the shareport icon, the one showing the IP addresses and things was not visible. I only got things from the “Advanced Options” down.

    Mike – I did put a USB hub in and connected a Canon MP470 printer and a external HD at the same time. I was able to see both of them and were able to connect to them from my Vista laptop.I didn’t try to read/write to the HD and print at the same time though.

    By the way, I made a typo earlier. I think I was only getting 8 Mbps, not 80. So roughtly 1 MB/sec read throughput is what I was getting. Not very fast but good enough to move small amount of data.

  48. Comment #48

    I’m having the same trouble: Have a Dlink655 with a wired connection to a Vista Home Premium laptop and an older desktop box running Win XP.

    Shareport works just fine on the laptop – I want to use it for a shared printer.

    I can install shareport fine on the XP machine, but it doesn’t find any devices connected… and I also don’t see the router’s IP address upon right-click. I disabled firewalls, uninstalled antivirus software etc. but to no avail.

    Would love some hints if anyone has them!

  49. Comment #49

    To Jacko

    I went into admin, clicked on ADVANCED, then WISH on the left, then I made sure it was ENABLED and for PRIORITY CLASSIFIERS I clicked AUTOMATIC. Try it.

  50. Comment #50

    Mike – you said you “went into admin, clicked on ADVANCED, then WISH on the left, then I made sure it was ENABLED and for PRIORITY CLASSIFIERS I clicked AUTOMATIC…”

    I assume you are talking about the web administration page for the Dlink655 router? What is the “WISH” thing you talked about? I have a Dlink628 and I didn’t see anything that looks like “WISH” in the advanced menu. I was wondering if you can explain what that menu does, I might be able to find the equivalence in my router. Thanks.

  51. Comment #51

    I’ve checked out the DIR-628 emulator on the D-Link site and it appears that router doesn’t have WISH at all, perhaps you could try messing about with the QOS settings as they are similar to WISH except they affect both wired and wireless on the WAN side of things, but may not have the same effect as WISH, personally I have WISH off and have no problems.

  52. Comment #52

    Hi all,

    I tried changing the WISH settings, but no luck. The Vista laptop has no issues with Shareport at all, whereas the XP machine cannot even recognize the router.

    If the issue is router-side, I don’t know why the Vista box would work and the XP box not?


  53. Comment #53

    Hey guys, i am seeing the same thing on the dlink dir-825. Wireless PC’s see my printer connected to the usb shareport fine. My wired PC’s lose the printer whenever they are restarted. If i reboot the dir-825 the wired pc’s will see the router again.

    When I click the sharepoint icon, I see the ipaddress for the router when it’s working correctly with the printer. When it’s not, the ip address is not there and the first entry is advanced options.

    I tried changing the wish settings but no change….

  54. Comment #54

    Hi Jacko and hoc, are either of your PCs that have this problem set to connect to the router via DHCP or via menually entered static IPs?

  55. Comment #55

    Both my laptop (Vista) and desktop (XP) are connected by wire to the router, and both are set up using DHCP.

  56. Comment #56

    I talked to dlink 3rd level today who was passing this on to the product manager. I need this to work so have done a good amount of testing. My PC’s are all connecting via dhcp, all vista (some x32 and some x64).

    From the testing here i have found that the wireless PC’s always detect the printer connected to the shareport. The wired PC’s are inconsistent… at best. If I reboot the dir-825, the wired pc’s will immediately detect the shareport printer and keep it until the network connection is interrupted. If i pull the network cable on the wired pc, and then plug it back in, they will lose the printer and not re-establish it (exactly what happens when you power off your PC).

    Hoping we can come up with a better solution than rebooting the router every day!!! I’m sure linksys would like to hear about that.

  57. Comment #57


    I think you may be on to something. In my set up, the system that has problem seeing the network USB port is connected to the router through a CAT5 directly. The laptop using wireless connection has always been good. I have an additional variable in my environment on the OS used. The wired desktop uses XP while the wireless laptop uses Vista.

    I installed Windows 7 Beta on the wired machine over the weekend. I was again able to see the printer on the network USB port upon first start of the utility. When I exited out and restart the utility, I had problem again. I will try rebooting the router when I got home tonight.

  58. Comment #58

    I am getting a ‘Connection failed, please try again.’ message every minute or so from SharePort Network USB utility.

    It’s odd because I have my printer on the USB port and it works fine.

    Any theories on where to look??

  59. Comment #59

    I get that too on every computer other than mine, strangely uninstalling/reinstalling doesn’t fix it either, the only thing I did was upgrade the firmware, my computer installed SharePort after the firmware upgrade yet the other PCs have had it installed since before and they experience the problem.

    I can’t see any link between the Operating System they were running or the firewall/antivirus software either, what I have done is turned off the startup option in the program and run the programs only when I need to print.

  60. Comment #60

    Can anyone recommend a setup for allowing a mac and a PC to access and use the same external harddisk over a network? Or where I can find info on this? Here are the challenges:

    - Both PC and Mac are a bit old, so no N-standard
    - Formatting of disk: has to be HSF+ and PC will use MacDrive?
    - Considered buying an entertainment PC and use this as “Server”


  61. Comment #61

    Dlink released an update to the sharepoint utility software this week. For my wired pc issues it does help, but is not a complete fix.
    At start-up my wired pc doesn’t see the printer connected to the shareport. In the 1.0 version, the dialog box for the utility started with “advanced options”. Now it starts with the address for the router.

    I can force the utility to see the printer by selecting disable and then enable in that shareport dialog. Still not a complete solution but getting better…

  62. Comment #62

    Shareport is not finding my router in the pop up menu from the system tray icon. I have the DIR 655 and a vista x64 OS. Dlink support stated that shareport does not support 64 bit vista OS but posts here seem to contradict that. Any recommendations, advice would be much appreciated.

  63. Comment #63

    I installed Shareport 1.14 and it works better, although when I disconnect from a hard drive it says it’s busy and should I force or cancel. Force seems to work and I can re-connect ok

  64. Comment #64

    I’ve just upgrade my firmware and everything work’s fine. I’ve test USB HDD and USB Printer both work fine. I’m pleased with DIR-655. Real cool

  65. Comment #65

    Finally got second laptop to connect to printer hanging off DIR-855. The cuplrit was OneCare – thanks James 30 December. Once One Care Firewall was disabled my Shareport icon turned green and the printer was able to be used. Only took me a couple of days and many grey hairs !

  66. Comment #66

    Hi all,
    I setup the DIR-655 for a friend – one older desktop with Windows ME and a new laptop with Vista. The desktop is wired to the router, the laptop is wireless. I installed Shareport and hooked up his printer to the USB on the router. It worked! for a few days. Now the printer seems to have disappeared…. sort of. It’s not listed in any application, but if I click on the Shareport Utility, it says the printer (a fairly new HP) is available. There’s got to be something I’m missing here. Anyone know?
    (For now, he’s not trying to print from the desktop, but I was thinking a usb hub would allow me to hook the printer to the desktop as well as the router.)

  67. Comment #67

    Oh well, I went to my friend’s house and everything worked fine… of course! The printer was available and I clicked Connect and it connected. It did reinstall the printer driver. Who knows what he did — he did say he’d been turning. So maybe when I rebooted, it got straightened out.

    I am still interested in using a usb hub so his desktop is wired to the printer. So, if anyone has done that and has any “gotchas” to warn me about, I’d appreciate it. I’m thinking printer to hub and hub to desktop and hub to router.

  68. Comment #68

    Just got a DIR-655 last week after all the good reviews. I downloaded the SharePort fw 1.21 (2008/10/09). I’m a bit disappointed with it. Wanted to share some of the issues I’m seeing perhaps you have solutions to share;

    - Clients (3x Vista Acers, & XP Pro Lenovo) have hard time getting an IP address with WPA-personal, and WPA2-personal after wake-up. I must have the laptop try few times until it succeeds. They worked quite fine with cheap Belkin 802.11g routers

    - Connection drops even though signal is in the 85% or greater most of the time

    - Finally, I bought this when I heard about the SharePort fw. This feature was a big disappointment. I thought it may work as a printserver, but clients have to request and grant the connection before use… very stupid when no one is using the already connected client! – Also, if the laptop sleeps, the connection gets stuck and a USB disconnect/re-connect must be done for the printer to be re-discovered. Lastly, my Canon MF MP830 is not happy with it. The print preview doesn’t work anymore, the printer doesn’t wake up on jobs, and the jobs error out frequently.

  69. Comment #69

    having the same issue as this guy below is telling every thing is ok but when i click on the utility on task bar nothing flashes on work well on my other computer running vista 32 home premium , it was doing good on this system too but i don’t know why it start acting up like this.this is vista 32 ultimate any suggestion guys would be appreciated.
    “Author: Pit
    Date: Nov 8, 2008

    Hi, I have my own DIR655 for 1 week. Its an EU version, but US firmware 1.21 run smothly. Shareport works, but not very stable.

    First issue, sharing USB disk drive over the WiFi is not a good idea IMHO. Any network problem and Vista have issues with device. Also performance is an issue (800kB/s when 2M/s when copying files between laptops with WiFi n adapters).
    But I purchased this router for printer sharing. And it is possible, but Shareport Utility (1.0) works only on the local account. When working on the active directory account, the utility’s popup window shows the device connected to the router’s USB port. But when clicking on the tray icon the app window is not shown. Application is on the taskbar but has no window to select device and do connect.
    On the local account everything is OK. Seems to be the SharePort Utility issue. The OS was installed a week ago, not many aplications installed.

  70. Comment #70

    forget to tell in above post i m using Dlink-655 with firmware 1.21 (latestone) and share port utility 1.14. hope that u guys will provide some assistance on this issue.

  71. Comment #71

    For KingTut: I have a similar problem on my laptop, the problem is caused by the channels the router is using for wireless, sometimes it will get out of range of standard wireless cards, even my laptop’s N card doesn’t work properly sometimes, try forcing the wireless channel to something like channel 6 for a while and see how it goes, you can also try having the channel set to 20Mhz, not 20/40.

    For bally: It’s possible SharePort needs certain permissions to run properly, it may be a good idea to get in contact with D-Link so they are aware of this issue, it could be a bug that they are unaware of as of yet.

  72. Comment #72

    Just installed the latest firmware for DIR-655 and Shareport on three Vista and three XP Pro SP3 pcs. The vista pc’s are both wired and wireless and works fine. Te XP pc’s refuse to find the router (all three wired). What more is that the Shareport uses up all CPU power when I try to exit the application. There is definitely problems with the software. All firewalls have been turned off. The XP machines have different Anti virus (AVG, Avast and Norman). One of the XP PC’s are connected directly to the router, two through a access point. Changing channels or stopping other applications using communication ports have no effect. The Shareport has been tested 0.94 and also updated to 1.0 and tested with clean installations. If anyone is able to run Shareport on XP, please explain how it was installed. Also try Exiting the application and check the CPU meeter.

  73. Comment #73

    dlink support q-less regarding active directory matter. even no reply for 4 days upto now. WTF Support they r providing . just dont even know what the thing is

  74. Comment #74

    Just wondering out loud: do you think that it would be possible to use DIR-655´s USB port for something else then sharing a printer?

    It certainly doesn´t sound to be good enough for usb-hdd´s for very low transfer speeds that´s been mentioned over here.

    Could it be used for hosting a very small web server from an USB stick, like a static home page?

  75. Comment #75

    I have the same problem after install all my laptops, Vista and XP starts to crash and no one could reach the printer plugged in the USB port….

  76. Comment #76

    I think i have a different problem here.. i connected a usb hard disk on the usb port of my dir-655 (1.21 firmware) and installed the shareport utility on my vista32 and xp sp3 computers.. I get no router name when i right click the utility in the system tray so I can’t select any usb device from the router.. By double clicking the utility, i get no detected usb device in the utiliy’s panel either.. I even tried without wirewall, to no avaqil.. what’s up with this?

  77. Comment #77

    ..also, whenever i boot vista32 i get a ‘new hardware found’ message and the request to install drivers for the router.. except that there are no drivers in the cd that came with it or on dlink’s website… any suggestions? (by the way, the router works, as I can connect wireless and share my internet connection..)

  78. Comment #78

    For Stefano:

    Try downloading/installing SharePort again, the drivers are a combination of generic drivers that Windows should already have and 1 or 2 that should be installed with that setup program.

    Looks like the program has installed but has been unsuccessful in installing the drivers for some reason, it is most likely that the setup program has exited and deleted the required driver files in the temporary directory before it has had a chance to install them.

    Have you V-Lited or stripped down your Windows XP cds in any way? Sometimes removing inbuilt drivers stops less common drivers that some hardware needs.

    For Gustavo:

    Unfortunately this software and the drivers don’t play well with other software and drivers and there is so many possible incompatabilities, it crashes many computers with seemingly no reason.

    If there is any software that is installed on those Laptops however unconnected they may seem to the problem, try removing them temporarily.

    For Mika:

    I don’t think there’s much chance of that being possible until they create some sort of interface that allows the router to use the stick for storage so it can run an additional server, then I think the router may not have the processing power needed for such a task.

    For Bally:

    This would be more of an additional feature in D-Link’s eyes, they would have no obligation to get it working correctly, it’s just the way those companies work, they don’t get much more money on additional functionality such as this so it’s not really worth their time.

    For GC:

    I’ve never experienced cpu usage issues at any time with SharePort on XP or vista, using different virus scanners or wireless/wired, or even through another access point, I actually have the program set to not startup as it has all sorts of problems when it’s allowed to run all the time.

    My installation was fairly straight forward so it probably won’t help you much, double clicked on the install file, installed with default options and when it was done restarted.

    FOR ALL:

    I had problems with the program telling me the usb device was connected, then not every 10 minutes or so, then when attempting to use it it would disconnect each time, seems that the router no longer liked my usb extension cable, so I removed it and all is good now, so try changing usb cables when things don’t work out properly.

  79. Comment #79

    for Ben.
    Thanks for the answer… my xp install is fairly clean, so i don’t think it has any problems.. also, i didn’t detect any problems while installing the shareport utility in both computers, so i find it hard to believe it’s a bad installation.. i’m clueless..

  80. Comment #80

    Hi Ben, what version is your router? AU or US? Have you tried 3G USB modem on your router?

  81. Comment #81

    Getting the same issue with my wired connection to the DIR-655, Shareport software works after fresh install, connects to the printer shared through the router, but only until the first suspend or reboot, then Shareport no longer detects the router. I’d rather not have to uninstall and reinstall the software every reboot. Any ideas?

  82. Comment #82

    Hi Adam, I have the AU version router, I have no idea what kind of 3g usb modem they are referring to and have none to test anyway other than my phone (which I assume doesn’t count).

    Edward, I’m not sure what is going on with that issue but hopefully D-Link fix it as more than a handful of people seem to be experiencing it.

  83. Comment #83

    Hi everyone!

    I just read most of this comments here, but it seems that I have diffrent kind of problem. Although I know that D-Link DIR-655 is exellent, I am thinking to buy DIR-855 or DIR-825 which are DualBand. I have TOSHIBA Qosmio F50-10K, so inegrated wireless card uses Atheros AR9280 chipset.

    1. Can somebody tell me does my wireless card support 2,4GHz and 5 GHz simultaneously?

    2. Which D-Link wireless Router should I buy?

    Thanks for any comment!

  84. Comment #84

    Hi Jerry,

    Your wireless card supposedly does do 2.4ghz/5ghz simultaneously, though I would check with nay documentation that came with it just to make sure.

    I’m not too sure about those 2 routers as I have not had any experience personally with any of them, however I have heard that the DIR-855s have all sorts of issues, however we hear of all sorts of issues with the 655 so it really depends on what kind of bugs you can handle. If you want you can even go for another brand such as Linksys, their routers have great reviews lately.

    I forgot to mention before for DIR-655 users:
    There is a new beta firmware out called 1.22b05, a significant portion of users have reported that it works great, much better than their recent releases, however this is a beta so be careful and don’t install if you’re worried about voiding your warranty etc, if it does fail and you’re running the beta firmware they are likely to say no to a warranty replacement.

  85. Comment #85

    I bought 2 of the DIR-825 routers. They do simultaneous 2.4GHz and 5GHz, which is why I wanted them instead of the 655.

    I am having trouble, though, in getting Shareport to recogni the router on my Vista Ultimate system.

  86. Comment #86

    I have Blink as my Security software and there’s a conflict with eeyet.sys driver of Blink (EEye).

    Would it help to uninstall Blink, install shareport and reinstall Blink or will i always get the conflict between the drivers!


  87. Comment #87

    Hi Sebastien, You will probably always get conflict with that driver, unless SharePort is updated by D-Link to stop conflicting, or if the security software company changes how it works.

  88. Comment #88

    I have a laptop computer running Vista home premium and Windows Live OneCare for a firewall. I installed the Shareport software for my new 655. As long as I have the firewall turned off, the software works. I am using version 1.00 of the USB Network Utility. Can anyone identify the ports I need to enable to pass through the firewall?

  89. Comment #89

    Well I’m not sure the specifics but…

    It uses an open incoming port at port 9303 using the UDP protocol so try opening that port on the firewall.

    It doesn’t appear to do any other activity incoming or outgoing so I’m assuming that’s all you need to fix.

  90. Comment #90

    So with share port i have to decide either having internet security on my network or a usb device is that what i’m understanding and expiriencing with trend micro

  91. Comment #91

    I’d stick with security ;)

  92. Comment #92

    Hello! I got another problem. I got d-link dir-655 Firmware 1.21EU and Hardware version A3. I have installed drivers for printer and shareport. The pc with wired network/cable found the printer on shareport, but the wireless/cableless network didnt found the printer. Why?

  93. Comment #93

    The DIR-655 is a great router, but the shareport utility is absolutely the worst piece of garbage I have ever had the displeasure of using. It is flaky at best…sometimes it works fine but most of the time it just simply doesn’t work. If they are going to release this feature, they need to ensure it works. Otherwise it just serves to frustrate users.

  94. Comment #94

    There is a new version of SharePort (in a way, it has a lower version number but is newer), also there is now an OSX version out.

  95. Comment #95

    I have a DIR-655 router and have been trying to get the Shareport utility to work. I have three computers in the network: a laptop with Vista and two desktops, one Vista one XP. The laptop uses a wireless connection and the two desktops are hooked to the router with ethernet cable. The laptop and the XP desktop work fine. But the Vista desktop only works sometimes. It’s really random, sometimes the Shareport utility recognizes the printer plugged into the router and sometimes it doesn’t. Any thoughts?

  96. Comment #96

    I’m seeing more and more cases of Ethernet connected PCs that can’t get SharePort working correctly where wireless PCs work fine, I would have expected the opposite to happen.

    If there is no software on the Vista PC that could block it intermittently, such as a VPN or an active firewall then it may just be one of those times where it just doesn’t want to work, as an outside the box idea try updating the network card’s drivers on that PC, occasionally I have seen that fix all sorts of strange network application issues.

    If you have time to spare it doesn’t hurt to send an e-mail to D-Link explaining the symptoms, if we get enough in they may be able to stabilise the program more.

    P.S. Try the new 1.10 version if you haven’t already:

  97. Comment #97

    Take a look at the d-link forums before upgrading to shareport 110. People are having some issues with it.

  98. Comment #98

    Looks like Ben has already addressed this on the main site. BTW, thanks to Ben I have my Canon MP610 working wireless using shareport 114 and FW121. Thanks Ben!

  99. Comment #99

    Thank you for your information Lex. I wasn’t aware that they had to be used with the 1.30 firmware but it makes a bit more sense now, I’ll update the main post to reflect that.

  100. Comment #100

    Hi Ben and all,

    thanks for all the tips and hints, i’ve read everything.
    I bought a 655 a few days ago and tried to get the shareport working since (tried really hard).
    I just wanted to view some movies on my laptop without having to turn on the PC and make backups to the USB-HDD. Shareport seemed great and made me pay 179 EUR.

    Tomorrow it’s going back to the shelf. I want my money back.

    I hope the people at D-Link think twice next time before launching something so crappy!

  101. Comment #101

    They are having alot of trouble keeping customers at this stage, It would have helped them alot if they had not advertised shareport as a feature.

  102. Comment #102

    I tried getting Shareport to work for a while and finally gave up and uninstalled it. Now I am trying to print the old fashioned way (over the network and not using the d link’s USB hub) and I am having huge problems. Printing over the network was fine before shareport, now after intsalling and uninstalling it I have serious issues. Printing takes FOREVER. I mean it is VERY slow. Could the shareport software have left something on my machine that is causing this? Thanks.

  103. Comment #103

    It could have done something, SharePort connects you straight to the printer, so you install drivers for the printer that are configured to connect via usb, if they weren’t uninstalled properly then there may be some redundancy that is causing the slowness, try removing all of the printers listed in “Printers & Faxes” and reinstall the network printer driver, unfortunately printer drivers are tricky to remove completely but that should at least remove some connection to the old (USB SharePort) drivers.

  104. Comment #104

    Thanks. Where exactly would I find the “network printer driver?”

  105. Comment #105

    Well when you have all your printers uninstalled and you find the printer over the network windows should prompt to install the printer, you may have to right click it and click connect if double clicking doesn’t work, here’s an example:


    Often it will get the driver for the printer from the other computer or windows update so you don’t have to find it, however if it asks for a driver simply use the printer’s driver cd and it will install those instead.

  106. Comment #106

    Hello all, I noticed you guys are posting on the shareport Utility.
    I just wanted to give you guys out there a heads up on the New firmware for DIR655 (ver 1.31) that requires you to upgrade the shareport utility to ver 1.10

    It seems there is a bug in the utility or the firmware. Once installed the utility is able to “see” the printer and connect to it with the connect button, however, if you want to be able to connect to the printer automatically (like with ver 1.14)your not going to be able too.
    After spending a couple of hours on the phone with Dlink and various support personnel, I was finally told by a “software specialist” that it will not work and I will have to manually connect every time I want to print.

    Some may thinks, that’s no big deal just hit the connect button, but when you have several computers and they all want to print from that particular printer it can be a hassle to go to every machine and connect then disconnect.

    So if you decide you want to upgrade your firmware, keep this bit of info in mind.
    Until then I have to wait till another software upgrade to become available and hope that it resolves the problem.

    Oh! and by the way once you upgrade the routers’ firmware to ver 1.31 you CAN NOT revert back to the previous one.

  107. Comment #107

    Thanks for the information, I wasn’t aware of the bug in the newer version, hopefully they fix them all later on, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  108. Comment #108

    Hey Ben,

    Thanks for the tutorial and screenshots. I have tried your method to set up the SharePort 1.14 with my DIR-655 Firmware V. 1.21. It is working well. Thanks!

    Initially, the print job encountered a problem. I just restart the print job and use SharePort to disconnect with the printer then reconnect again, then it starts printing as normal.



  109. Comment #109

    Hey guys!

    I am also interested in the D-Link DIR-655 and I want to connect my USB hard disk to it as some kind of mini-NAS. Has anyone here successfully connected a USB hard disk yet and (more importantly) tested the speed you can achive through this connection? Thanks a lot in advance,


  110. Comment #110

    Connecting a hard disk works however the connection is limited to USB 1.1 speeds (12 Megabits/Second or 1.5 Megabytes/Second), so it’s quite slow, generally not recommended if you’re going to be transferring large files.

  111. Comment #111

    Hi guys, just letting you know there is a new version of the DIR-655 firmware that you can read about here that fixes a few SharePort issues.

  112. Comment #112


    Anyone know if the usb utility can be used when the router is configured static as an access point? I ask because I have had no luck in doing so. ‘-’

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  113. Comment #113

    I just upgraded to the latest firmware…

    Firmware Version : 1.31NA, 2009/04/24

    Besides the Web Environment not working in Opera, the speeds for the SharePort with a USB2.0 HDD are really slow… I get from 800KB/s to 2MB/s… while I think USB2.0 directly connected should be around 30MB/s.

  114. Comment #114

    Hi Julio,

    SharePort only works at USB 1.1 speeds and you’re getting the correct speeds for that. I wouldn’t recommend hard drive usage with it as there have been a few people talk about losing data when the software/connection decides to act up.

  115. Comment #115

    Hi Ben,
    I am from India.
    Recently bought the DIR 655. (H/w Ver: A3 & F/w Ver: 1.11WW)
    and couldn’t use the usb port for accessing the external hard disc or a printer. on calling the tech support, they said the hardware version you are using doesn’t support this feature, it should be A4.
    Is this the problem of h/w ver. or F/w version.

  116. Comment #116

    I don’t think they have been telling the truth there, the A3 can use SharePort, however you will need to upgrade to a newer firmware version to be able to use this, either a 1.2x version or a 1.3x version, keep in mind if you upgrade to the 1.3x series of firmware you will not be able to downgrade again.

  117. Comment #117

    thanks a lot Ben for clearing this confusion. I have another query. After speaking to the D Link tech support, they say if i upgrade the firmware version, then the warranty on the product won’t be valid. so should i just go ahead with the upgrade.
    and why do you think after upgrading the firmware, i may need to downgrade it again.

  118. Comment #118

    When it comes to the 1.3x firmwares they do have problems that the 1.2x series don’t have, but they do fix a few problems with SharePort that were causing a few users to not be able to use it, all DIR-655 routers respond differently to different firmwares so what works for one may not work properly for another.

    To be safe I would recommend using a 1.2x version firmware to use at first, if it doesn’t work properly for whatever reason you can downgrade the firmware back to the version you currently have.

    Most people have only a few problems with 1.31 but if you want to readup on these check out the D-Link Forums here

  119. Comment #119

    Had the same problem with SharePort not finding the USB-printer (connected to a DIR-825 router) on one my computers. Tried updating firmeware, s/w, just about everything, but no. At one time though, it did find the device, which set me off thinking. This might just sound stupid: but don’t touch the mouse (USB-connecdted) while rebooting”. Works for me every time!!! Anybody that could understand why?

  120. Comment #120

    That is a very odd solution for it, but if it works then I would encourage people to test it out if they have that issue, doesn’t hurt to try. Perhaps disconnecting such usb devices while rebooting would also work?

  121. Comment #121

    I connect Buffalo Drive Station external usb harddisk to my DIR-655. Before I use Network USB Utility to access the harddisk, the router is working fine (no disconnection when surfing internet). However, after I connect to my external harddisk via Network USB Utility and then try to copy files to the harddisk, every time after a few seconds, the connection to the router is broken. I have to reboot my computer.

    Does anyone encounter this problem? How can I solve this? Thank you.

  122. Comment #122

    I had a problem with Shareport (1.14) not detecting my Seagate 1 TB USB HDD connected to my DIR-855 (1.12EU)
    It would only detect if i connected my laptop (Vista) to the DIR-855 through cable, not wireless.

    Problem was resolved after disabling my ethernet adapter, keeping only the wifi adapter enabled, then rebooting.

    So it seems like Shareport “locks” onto the initial adapter used for connecting.

    Now it works like a charm, with no noticeable delay r/w on the HDD vs connecting directly to the laptops usb-port.

  123. Comment #123


    I have read the dfferent posts but not seem people having a similar problem…
    FW : 1.32NA
    1 computer with Vista, 1 with XP

    Bought the router last week.

    Globally it works fine but I have problems using the shareport utility frequently.
    If I want to print :
    When I switch the router on, it connects to the printer (Samsung ML2510) and everything works fine. The page prints.
    If the router is up for a few hours and I want to print, the router sees the printer, shows it as “available” but is not able to connect to the printer. It always tries (can see the trying to connect to samsung ML2510, please wait). The message stops and comes back 2 seconds after and even after 10 minutes it is still not able to connect to the printer.
    If I reboot the router, everything works fine.

    If I wait a few more hours, same pattern, not able to connect to the printer except if I reboot the router.

    Do you have any ideas ?
    Thank you !

  124. Comment #124

    Same problem here, works fine and dandy after install but a day or two later you try to connect, it says connecting, times out in a refresh to available status, and nothing. I’m so frustrated with this shareport utility and every time I call customer svc some Indian person with the thickest accent I’ve heard answers the phone. I bought this router specifically for this feature and it’s very broken. It’s a huge oversight on an otherwise excellent router. Anyone have any ideas?

  125. Comment #125

    Same problem here on a dgl-4500, not very happy worked well for the first 2 days then nothing. All PC’s are XP.

  126. Comment #126

    All users having issues with SharePort, check out this post I have made about a possible newer version of the software.

  127. Comment #127

    Hi, I have a DLink DIR-628 router and I acctually buy it for the shareport application… Like some of the people here it worked fine for maybe two days, the its doesnt find anything that I connect to the port. Recently I download a shareport update to see if that would fix the problem but it didn’t. I hope someone can help me

  128. Comment #128

    Did you try rebooting the router? Just disconnect the power, wait a minute and reconnect. See if that helps.

  129. Comment #129

    I have done that, but again you will have to do it every 2 days. If I reboot the computer it sometimes shows 2 of the same usb device. I will have to scrap the whole idea and share the damn thing through a networked PC. What a joke, get it right the first time…Is it that hard to fix it? While I am on this topic ever scince I have updated the frimware the router just periodically shuts down? It was a great router before not sure what is happening now?

  130. Comment #130

    The router is shutting down?
    As in off completely or a reboot?

    If it’s turning off then you may have a much bigger but slightly less common problem with it, if it’s rebooting then I’d still suggest to give D-Link a call/email and see if you can get it replaced with a new one.

  131. Comment #131

    It just reboots periodicaly, I will call but I don’t think it is under waranty

  132. Comment #132

    Some people have luck when calling the manufacturer (in this case D-Link) directly when out of warranty but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  133. Comment #133

    Spoke with DLink tech support yesterday, and after an HOUR of trying to get the SharePort to work, I was transferred to a 4th support agent who actually knew what he was talking about. Within seconds, he informed me that not all devices are supported, and that DLINK will not publish a list of devices that are. My 250GB Western Digital USB drive will not work, which defeats the purpose of paying extra for the SharePort feature.

  134. Comment #134

    i bought this router for the shareport feature and after readings hours of the above and trying numerous tweaks i still cannot get my external drive connected. i love the performace of the 655 but feel a little ripped off by our D-link bros – as it just isn’t worth anymore effort to try to get this puppy to work ‘as advertised’.

    Dear D-LINK – please get your sh$t together. xoxox

  135. Comment #135

    Currently have two laptops connected to my DIR-655. However, only one can detect the printer though the router’s USB port. The other one has “No USB device is detected” message. Would appreciate assitance from anyone. Thanks!

  136. Comment #136


    I had similar Shareport issues two weeks ago. I wrote to DLink and their answer solved my problem. I take the liberty to show it below in the hope it will help somebody. IN my case I was not using the proper version of the Shareport utility.

    With the firmware 1.32NA make sure that the shareport utility that you using is version 1.10. This can be downloaded from the following link

  137. Comment #137

    Having the same problem as jimmey above.
    Got a DIR-655 V1.21 and shareport V1.15, running on a vista laptop. I use a Dynex 7port USB hub on the router.
    Seems like I can use 2 Lexar thumb drives fine and can use my IPOD hook up fine as well as my HP printer, all @ once if i wanted but if i hooked up my 500GB lacie external HD it sends windows explorer into (not responding) after i try to connect. tried the same HD just into slots on laptop and no problems.
    Thinking maybe this HD is incompatible as well.
    Any idea’s of which HD’s will work?

  138. Comment #138

    There are many usb storage devices that don’t work at all and more that don’t work properly, I haven’t heard anything from D-Link about any reasons why.

    Is the hub self powered? The hard drive may be after more power than the router can supply to it, a hub with it’s own power source may be able to provide enough power instead.

  139. Comment #139

    QUOTE from Author: Denis Galipeau Date: October 1, 2009 Time: 7:55 am, you wrote : “With the firmware 1.32NA make sure that the shareport utility that you using is version 1.10. This can be downloaded from the following link


    Dear Sir/Madame
    It took me two days to search, read, install, reboot… and messed up with DIR-655, finally I got the FW upgrade to 1.32NA + SharePort 1.15 just after I bought the 655 3 days ago (I returned the 825 Dual Bands to exchange for this 655) and your post makes my day. I uninstall the 1.15 Share Port and install V1.10 as you said

    Thank you, et al.

  140. Comment #140

    hi here is jean from germany…

    i have trouble setting up my printer to the router above and i really need some help on it.

    first at all im using the dlink dir-655 router (Version A2). the first thing i did was updating the firmware up to the latest 1.32NA. after that i configured my internet and all the network settings. it works just fine but here is my problem: i cant setting up my printer (a canon pixma ip4500). under the setting usb-settings i just dont have the possibility to choose usb, only shareport or wcn configuration. i already installed the sharport utility (version 1.15) on my computer. the printer drivers are installed too.

    before i used a separate printserver. but i cant use it anymore because i switched to wpa2 and draft-n in my whole network. the printserver doesnt work with it so i need the usb port on the router.

    i also tried to change the connection type to an ip-port on my computer. i did all the settings (ip-adress of the router, lpr with byte counting and stuff) but it doesnt work. my printer doesnt get shown online on the shareport utility. how can i make my printer work???

    very thanx for your help.

  141. Comment #141

    its jean again…

    my problem changed a little. i kicked off the shareport utility v1.15 from my computer and i reinstalled v1.10. now the utility shows my printer online. the drivers are still installed of my printer.

    but i still dont get my printer work. even its connected. i guess i need to configure the connection settings on the port settings of the printer local on my computer, because its not working about the settings in the shareport utility.

    how do i get my printer work??? thanx a lot.

  142. Comment #142

    Try to reinstall that printer driver to your computer and test print to make sure it works then from there connect that printer USB cable to the router. Now it must works.

  143. Comment #143

    I agree, it seems the printer is being correctly connected to, remove any cases of that printer that you already have installed as they would be pointing to the wrong device location and then reinstall the printer to change the location from a network device (before) to a virtual usb port (now on shareport).

  144. Comment #144

    I have firmware 1.32NA with Shareport 1.2.0 B3. Didn’t work until I opened port TCP/UDP 19540 in my router (DIR-655). Works perfectly now with all my wireless laptops. KK

  145. Comment #145

    “I have firmware 1.32NA with Shareport 1.2.0 B3. Didn’t work until I opened port TCP/UDP 19540 in my router (DIR-655). Works perfectly now with all my wireless laptops. KK”

    Please let us know how to do that. Thanks.

  146. Comment #146

    Do you have any more specific information on where you opened the port kk? There are many ways of opening a port on the router.

  147. Comment #147

    I guess that can be in the at ADVANCED/PORT FORWARDING and check your Computer name/select + IP/add, to allow it can see TCP/UDP in range of 19540 ? Since mine is working with 1.32NA vs 1.10 Shareport and I did not know much so I try not to touch anything and if kk can give us the correct answer what had been done, that would be fantastic.

  148. Comment #148

    The only problem I have with it is that you can’t forward that port to more than one computer and if it does work by forwarding to only one of the computers then I’m not sure how it would change anything, unless it’s some sort of bug in the router.

  149. Comment #149

    I assume as Dlink or someone stated that the shareport can only be used for users one at a time, so I also assume the Router Admin can go ahead input all computer name + its IP into the port forwarding list, be readied for users to use as one person at a time. Well if FW 1.32NA + SP 1.10 work as it is, why not just use this configuration, make it simple. My thought.

  150. Comment #150

    hello people, its jean again.

    i still have this problem to connect my printer but now i can be more specific. i tested it on different computers in my network and it only works on my netbook… so here is what i did:

    i connected the printer to the router via usb. the shareport utility shows my printer as available. if i want to connect it, it works just fine (on my netbookk). now i plugged off the printer and i plugged on an usb-hub on my router. now i plugged in a second device, my printer again and an optical disk drive. the utility shows both as available and the connection works fine too on my netbook, even with both devices at the same time.

    but this only works on my netbook. maybe (i think) it really must have to do anything with a port opening on my other computers. on my netbook it works. i have win home on it. unfortunately it doesnt work on my other computers in my network (i have win pro on each one on it).

    i already know that i only can connect one computer to those devices. even when i disconnect the devices from my netbook, i cant get them run on an other machine. the utility shows those devices on my other computers as available but i damn cant get it connected there.

    now im really out of advice here and i need some help. someone please need to tell me how it works with the port opening or some other reason.

    PLEASE HELP. thanx alot.

  151. Comment #151

    Many people have insisted that re-flashing the firmware on the router does wonders for it’s reliability but I’m not such a fan, but it’s always worth a try.

    It’s a good sign that the devices can be seen at least on the other PCs, is there any form of firewall or antivirus software that the other PCs have that isn’t installed on the netbook?

    I notice from your previous comments that you are already on 1.32, so flashing the firmware shouldn’t cause any harm, I would recommend trying the firmware here, it fixes a SharePort bug of some kind, it may be the bug that you are experiencing. At the very least some users that have had trouble with 1.32NA have reported that the firmware just works better anyway, which could be caused any number of things from a better flash to it’s ability to wipe the settings. I’m *still* yet to test how SharePort works with it, but I may do so shortly.

    The port forwarding idea above is interesting, but doesn’t sound practical as SharePort is automatic and port forwarding is not, so you would be forever going in and changing the port forwarding options to each PC.

  152. Comment #152

    last night i tried that thing about opening a port on the router and -how surprising- it doesnt work either.

    i need to know how to open this port on the other computers, i dont know. maybe this works.

    i have already thought about switching back to an older version of the firmware on the router. but i think that would not change anything. its how you said before, its a good sign, that the devices are shown as available on the other computers.

    by the way i have installed on each machine the same antivir software, service pack 3 and included the windows firewall. the only thing different on my netbook is, i have xp home on it and xp pro on the others. oh yes on each machine i also have peer guardian installed.

    i doesnt work even if i terminate the task of peer gaurdian or the other firewall software. there is also no way to change something in the win registry about the shareport utility.

    so how does this work with the port opening or do you have some other advice maybe i should try to get back to an older version of the firmware.

    thanx alot.

  153. Comment #153

    For starters I would recommend the fixed firmware here as it really has helped with SharePort’s connectivity and stability for me, you can also try going to the earlier firmware as well, I think 1.30 or 1.31 supports the older version that seemed to work well for people.

    I don’t know how the whole port forwarding thing is supposed to work and it just seems really strange to me.

    I don’t think the software you are running would cause any problems as I also run them on the computers that don’t have SharePort issues.

    This is a little off-topic but I started using PeerBlock a few months ago, it’s a recent fork of PeerGuardian where they have performed many fixes and even have a signed driver, I highly recommend it if you find PeerGuardian to be a little unstable/slow like I did.

  154. Comment #154

    im back and i solved this problem. the solution is so damn easy *self-banging-head-against-a-wall*

    in the network options i just needed to unmark the utility in the firewall options. now it works fine. :)

  155. Comment #155

    Great news Jean, glad you were able to get it all worked out properly.

  156. Comment #156

    Quote from: Jean Seidel, Comment #154

    im back and i solved this problem. the solution is so damn easy *self-banging-head-against-a-wall*

    in the network options i just needed to unmark the utility in the firewall options. now it works fine. :)

    Good info. Hah haha :))) that can make an early TGIF for this week

  157. Comment #157

    I have a 1.5TB WD USB hard drive. I have the 655 with 1.32NA A2 firmware. I can connect to the drive but nothing happens I do not get explorer opening up to auto play or anything. Happening with WinXp home and WinXP pro…
    I don’t see the drive show up in my computer but if I connect the usb 1.5TB drive to my pc or laptop I can see it and read/write to it.

  158. Comment #158

    I also am using shareport 1.10 newest one for this firmware

  159. Comment #159

    I used a corsair usb stick and it open and works perfectly!

  160. Comment #160

    Some of these drives, especially the newer ones need extra USB power to turn on fully and I don’t believe the router has the power capability in the USB port to do so, if you have a self-powered 4 port usb hub or anything like that you can try connecting through it as it should have the necessary power.

    If you a clicking sound that happens every 1-2 seconds at a regular interval from the drive when it’s plugged into that port it’s a sign that it’s not getting the power that it needs as it is stuck in the power up cycle, my external USB drive does the same thing if it connects to a port that doesn’t have enough power for it.

    Officially D-Link insist that large drives do actually work, just in reality people are finding that it’s hit and miss.

  161. Comment #161


    I have tried do download shareport to my computers, all of them running win xp.
    Every time the installation is almost completed, the computer goes into “bluescreen”, and I have to restart it. The same happens again if I try to run the program.
    The only time I manage to run the program is when I disconnect any network connection…but then I don’t have much use for the software…
    Do any of you have any ideas why my computer crashes??

    please reply!


  162. Comment #162

    Find any software that the computers share in common, for example security or Anti-virus software and try disabling them while you do the install and see if it occurs during, some software needs to be uninstalled before it will let it work properly though.

    It seems that it may be caused by the network card’s driver or some service running on it like the security software from above.

    The easiest way to know for certain what specifically is causing it is to Google search the message that appears in your blue screen, usually just the error code(s) are needed, if it states a .sys file then you can search and find what it’s for.

    Usually a driver update can help but if it’s occurring on multiple PCs with different hardware then it’s probably some software conflicting with SharePort, it is very picky and in many cases will not install with certain software installed.

  163. Comment #163

    I have DIR-655 firmware 1.21
    Network USB Utility 0.93
    3 computers on network

    2 computers recognize and can connect to the usb printer (an HP Laserjet 1200) through Network USB Utility with no problems.

    3rd computer has been able to connect with no problems for months until upgrade to version 1.15 from the program. After install both version 0.93 and 1.15 were present but neither saw the router. Uninstalled 0.93 and 1.15 still did not see router. Uninstalled 1.15 and reinstalled 0.93 and 0.93 still did not see router. Uninstalled 0.93. Removed referrences in HKEY_CURRENT_USER / SOFTWARE / D-Link and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / D-Link to both 0.93 and 1.15. Restored factory default on DIR-655. Reset all settings. Reinstalled 0.93 but still no connection to router.

    When right clicking on the red icon in the taskbar on the 3rd computer, the menu does not include the top portion that lists the router name and ip. The top of the box is right above Advanced Options. The router name and ip are present on the 1st and 2nd computers.

    I have hit a frustrating dead end. I do not understand why this no longer works on this computer. Other than my previous attempt to upgrade to 1.15 through the network usb utility program itself there are no other software changes on the 3rd computer. I’d be grateful for any ideas on how to fix…

  164. Comment #164

    To remove HKEY completely, you may need the Registry cleaner such as or I guess you can Restore your system to the old Point before the date you installed 1.15 if that Point is still available in your System Tool / System Restore.

    I suspect your 3rd computer must has something not compatible in the Window itself or so ?

  165. Comment #165

    I do have restore points prior to the installation of 1.15 but all attempts to restore to these points fail. I will look at the registry cleaner next.

  166. Comment #166

    Registry cleaned and defrag’d. Smart uninstaller utilized to ensure Network USB Utility and Shareport completely uninstalled (it did find a registry key I did not previously locate). Unfortunately, after doing a fresh install of the Network USB Utility ver. 0.93 from the disk that came with the router, it still doesn’t display the D-Link Router at the top of the menu displayed when right-clicking on the icon. The utility is still red – not recognizing the network and the utility states no usb devices are connected to the network. I am connected to the network and have internet access. The other computers on the network are recognizing the device and network through the USB Utility. Some fragment of the previous 1.15 install must still be screwing this up…

  167. Comment #167

    Even with registry cleaner, sometimes user has to reboot and reclean by two or more passes as my experienced and surprised some still shows up.

  168. Comment #168

    Hello – glad I found this thread/forum.
    I purchased ( just 2 weeks ago ) a D-Link ( my first ) DIR-628 SPECIFICALLY for the Shareport feature.
    I’m running Windows 7 64bit on my main system… and I’ve flashed the router firmware to the latest rev. and have downloaded the latest Shareport util. I’ve been on the phone several times with D-Link ( support ) and they pretty much have given up… with the last word being “Sorry, doesn’t work with Windows 7″… watch for an update to this utility.
    I figured I could make this work in a Virtual Machine running WinXP Pro~32bit as the guest OS… still nothing. Is this just a waste of my time and money ? Should I return the router and get a NetGear ?
    I’ve never owned a D-Link before… are they a reputable company with good intentions to make their products work ( even if I have to wait for some update ? ) ?
    Thanks in advance !
    Cheers, Sean

  169. Comment #169

    The SharePort Utility works with Windows 7 (x86/x64) just fine, in theory it should always work, it’s just that it is easier for them to say it doesn’t as I don’t think they support Windows 7 officially with their current range of routers yet.

    D-Link have made progress with their SharePort software but it takes them a lot of time to fix things and they don’t seem too enthusiastic about it anymore.

    D-Link used to be a reputable company with good intentions…

    Netgear routers are pretty good, their latest range beat D-Link’s hands down IMO :)

  170. Comment #170

    I have not been able to fix this problem. I have uninstalled the program using the software at and cleaned the registry many, many times. Whatever happened when I chose to upgrade to the SharePort Utility 1.15 from within the Network USB Utility program has modified some file on my computer that is not getting fixed when the program is uninstalled…even when it is all completely uninstalled and the registry cleaned. I know that the failed, attempted upgrade did not modify the router because the other computers in my residence that are using version 0.93 of the Network USB Utility (and which never underwent the attempted upgrade to 1.15) continue to be able to print to the printer connected to the usb port on the router. Its just this, my computer, on which I had attempted the upgrade. I have even installed the software on a laptop and had it wirelessly connected to the router and it could print from the printer. So something has been changed on the computer as a result of the installation of 1.15 that doesnt show up when uninstalling the program. The change has to do with this computer’s recognition of the server ip address because when Network USB Utility 0.93 is reinstalled it fails to recognize the network or list it in the box you get from right clicking the utility icon on the task bar. This computer is connected to the router and does have internet access as this is the computer i am posting this message with. Any ideas on what file may have been modified by 1.15 so I can attempted to fix it. My only other option is a complete reinstall of all my programs on a new hard drive…I would like to avoid that.

  171. Comment #171

    i have a dir 655 router firmware 1.30v
    shareport v1.15.9 installed on the systems on the network.
    am using an hp laserjet 1320 printer
    the problem i have is once the shareport is launched i keep getting the pop up message that reads: connection failed! the server is not responding/your internet connection is down.please check and try again later on and on.and i cant seem to print.this message was not coming on before just started i reset the router when i had issues to it.i have uninstalled and reinstalled the shareport on my system but i still get this message.what could be wrong?
    also what should be the normal setup,after installing the shareport on your system dou installed the driver for the printer

  172. Comment #172

    Jeff, I had the same problem after doing a firmware upgrade on my 635. I had to disable the “auto channel scan” (located in wireless settings) which allowed me to fix the routers channel to channel [x]. I also checked that my “transmission rate” was set to “auto”. HTH
    Secondly, with the shareport I can get my 1TB hard drive to work but not my 3 Mobile 3G modem. I believe I have set it up correctly and my ISP is listed in the WWAN ISP dialogue box. Any further tips???

  173. Comment #173

    Quote from: Jeff, Comment #170

    I have not been able to fix this problem. … The change has to do with this computer’s recognition of the server ip address because when Network USB Utility 0.93 is reinstalled it fails to recognize the network or list it in the box you get from right clicking the utility icon on the task bar. This computer is connected to the router and does have internet access as this is the computer i am posting this message with. Any ideas on what file may have been modified by 1.15 so I can attempted to fix it. My only other option is a complete reinstall of all my programs on a new hard drive…I would like to avoid that.

    Hi Jeff

    I have exactly the same problem. 3 notebooks, 2 work fine with SharePort, one simply refuses to see the router / usb devices. All computers have the same setup, OS, security, but something obviously must be different and I just can’t figure out what it is. I tried everything and I consider myself quite computer savvy. Any success stories from your side in the meantime?

  174. Comment #174
  175. Comment #175

    I see some of you have got sharepoint to work, good for you. I cant seem to get it to work at all. What a load of bxllxcks! I’m in the UK and have 1.21EU firmware and tried to use 1.15 sharepoint sofware, the router is Version A5. I just get a series of what sounds (like a usb device being plugged in and then out). As a wireless router it is good but I have to say I didnt do enough research and was expecting the usb port to work. Don’t buy this thing if you need a NAS style sharing thing. I haven’t tried my printer and probably won’t waste my time doing so.

  176. Comment #176

    I had a similar problem. Turned out to be the Windows Firewall, of all things.
    Check out:

  177. Comment #177

    I have a DLink DIR-635 also with an usb sharepoint/port but I cannot find the sharepoint software, or how to use this
    where can I find it?


  178. Comment #178
  179. Comment #179

    Question – rather than have one device operate from 3 computers, can you operate 3 devices (laser, inkjet and storage) from one computer using a usb 2.0 4 point hub (for example) on the router?

  180. Comment #180

    Do i need to install printer drivers on all my computers using the shareport printer? Seems like there are no working printer drivers (Canon LBP 2900) on my laptop running under Win 7 64-bit version. Are there any solutions?

  181. Comment #181

    You must install printer drivers on all computers, if there aren’t any for your operating system then you’re out of luck.

  182. Comment #182

    I am operating on windows xp PRO with a D-Link DIR-655 router (Firmware Version: 1.21) and I have installed the the latest SharePort utitity (version 3.0.0 R1).

    I am trying to connect my iosafe solo 1.5 TB external HD to my router via USB either through my computer or the USB port on the back of the router. The problem I am having is that the SharePort Utility simply cannot detect my hard drive. I have added it and SXUPTP to my list of exception for Windows firewall. I have configured my external hard drive for file sharing by right clicking on the drive icon and manually selecting the settings through sharing and security.I have tried using a different USB cord. I have also tried uninstalling/reinstalling the SharePort Utility

    I am not sure if the problem lies with the SharePort Utility or with the iosafe freeware. I read quite a few blogs and support forums and i seem to be the only one having this problem that i know of. I do not have another external hard drive to test unfortunately.

  183. Comment #183

    i have a new dr 628 router with a usb port on it ,but cant find a shareport utility to use it,do you know how? i want to put my seagate 1.5 tb external drive on it,and also,my camera chip photos,and my usb printer.i have a laptop ustairs,and 2 tabletops down stairs with, the epson stylus cx6000,printer,downstairs,and do video editing/ this a good idea to use all this on the usb port,downstairs,router?thanks for your help! mk.

  184. Comment #184

    Either this or this should work for you, depending on which version of firmware your router is running.

  185. Comment #185

    Quote from: Ben, Comment #184

    Either this or this should work for you, depending on which version of firmware your router is running.

    your second file for 114 WORKED!!!!! I thank you ever so much for your help. I’ve looked everywhere and tried everything.
    What did you do to make this work? where did you find this? how did you figure this out?

  186. Comment #186

    D-Link has changed the SharePort software and the firmware for their routers a few times, generally a certain firmware version needs to match up with a certain version of the SharePort software.

    D-Link’s website has the software in their support/downloads section for each router.

  187. Comment #187

    I have a DIR-655 router and now I cannot send emails from Outlook on my computer. Very frustrating that it doesn’t work like it did before I installed the router. Any suggestions to make it work again?

  188. Comment #188

    Wish I could read what you wrote darrinmurremn – might be helpful to me.

  189. Comment #189

    That was just Russian spam, it gets through on occasion.

    I assume any other Internet activity is working correctly for you though?

    There may be something specific with the configuration from your Internet provider that they may be able to help you out with, or there might be something that D-Link support can help you out with over the phone.

    I personally don’t know of any reason that the email would stop working as the router is really only redirecting and doesn’t normally interfere with email protocols. I’ll comment in here if I find anything out though.

  190. Comment #190

    Yes, the other activity is working fine. I’ve been on the phone with dlink & qwest. Since the email worked when we bypassed the router qwest says it’s the router. Thanks for commenting.

  191. Comment #191

    Hi TG,

    I have a Dir-655 and I have plugged a USB hub into the back. Into the hub, I have a printer and a 2 TB hard drive. Both are detected, but when I print, the system kicks out the HD and it has to auto scan as if everything was turning back on. Also, sometimes the HD goes to sleep and I have to unplug, let it wind down and then plug everything back in. How do I set the router to keep everything on all the time if even possible?


  192. Comment #192

    Does it do this when you plug either device directly into the router?

    This router has issues with devices that need a lot of power through usb and this sounds like they are losing power at some point, if the hub is self powered then I’m not too sure what could be causing it though as it should be able to handle it.

    The router doesn’t really have any usb settings, but SharePort might have some related to idle power down.

  193. Comment #193

    Hello Ben,

    Thank you for the reply. The printer seems ok at all times. But, the HD is another matter. I havn’t plugged the drive directly into the router yet, but will try that and reply. Sorry for the delay in responding, I didn’t click the auto notification box.

    I couldn’t find anything in the shareport utility to increase the power at any point, but will review again. Maybe I missed something.


  194. Comment #194

    Does printer connected by SharePoint work even the server is turn off?
    If it can, then I will try to use it.

    Thanks in advance.

  195. Comment #195

    As long as the router is connected to the PC you want to use SharePort with, and is turned on, it will work.

  196. Comment #196

    Whenever I connect my Samsung scx4623f multifunction printer, it will show up and connect but then immediately disconnect. It will say available for a little bit but not be able to print and then it starts the connecting to printer dialog again. So it looks like it keeps connecting and disconnecting. This is on both Win7 and Vista.

  197. Comment #197

    I would like to use my Dlink Dir655 router and the USB port on the back to connect a 1.5TB drive (in an external case of course) to stream media to my XBox 360. Does anyone know if/how this can be done?

    Thank you in advance!

  198. Comment #198


    I have a DIR 655 router, and have installed the shareport software (1.17). It is not detecting any of my devices (simpled usb thumb drives). Any idea why. The USB on the router is set to shareport.


  199. Comment #199

    What firmware version and what revision is your router? If it’s new it most likely needs the newest version of SharePort, you can find it here.

  200. Comment #200

    Sounds interesting. Maybe you can help me with this. You see to know what you’re talking about:

    I called customer service and seriously, wow, he didn’t help me whatsoever. He sounded like he didn’t care at all…

    Here is my situation. Got this DIR-655 router on Monday, and I even went to exchange it because I thought it was defective, but it’s doing the same problem. So here it is:

    I bought this router to share my external HD on my WiFi network. I run on Mac OS X (10.5). My router has the latest firmware (1.34NA). My WiFi Network works fine for internet access. So, I installed Shareport (version 3.0). When I plug my computer to the router with an ethernet cable, it works great. I can access all my files, listen to the mp3s, etc. However, when I try to access it wirelessly on my network, it just crashes. I get the “device removal” warning window that tells me I can’t just unplug my device like that, which means it probably lost its connection to the external HD. After that, I’m screwed. I have to reboot my computer.

    So basically, I can access it with a wired connection, but NOT with a wireless connection.

    Any ideas? Maybe I’ll have to get a refund. I have about 10 days to make it work.

  201. Comment #201

    Here’s a few things you can try:

    See if disabling WISH works, I find it has no benefit and interferes with networking other than web browsing, you can find it in ‘Advanced->WISH’.

    If Short GI is turned on, see if disabling it helps, it can apparently increase error rates which would cause SharePort to disconnect, you can find the option on the ‘Advanced->Advanced Wireless’ page.

    From what I can gather the newer firmware and SharePort versions do have some issues with wireless, lately D-Link haven’t been releasing new firmware or SharePort versions and it seems like they might be moving on from supporting the DIR-655 as the router has been around for a few years now and has some pretty bad issues that they haven’t quite fixed, mostly due to SharePort, something that didn’t even exist when I got mine.

    Some people suggest downgrading but depending on the hardware revision of the router that might not even be an option, the newer hardware revisions don’t normally support a version less than what they come with. On another note downgrading to get SharePort working doesn’t always help as the earlier versions have issues of their own any way.

    Personally I don’t use SharePort any more, otherwise I’d be able to help you a bit better with that issue, I find it too touchy now, possibly due to the age of my router, every time the network setup is changed, even as simple as adding another computer it can suddenly stop working.

  202. Comment #202

    I am using the DIR 655 with a Lexmark printer 7300.
    However the USB port does not pickup my printer in th sharport SW ?
    any ideas?

  203. Comment #203

    Does it pick up anything else you plug into it?

    If it isn’t picking up anything then I would assume there’s a problem with the SharePort software, perhaps reinstalling it, or uninstalling it and installing the alternative compatible software and slightly more updated SX Virtual Link might help.

    However if it is picking up something, for example a small usb drive then it’s a bit harder to trace the source of the problem, I always found that the cable I used for my printer worked great connecting to a PC but didn’t work very well connecting to the router for some reason, try wiggling the cable, unpluggin/replugging it in from both ends.

    In the end the DIR-655′s are just plain picky with what devices can connect due to the old low powered and slow usb port they have.

  204. Comment #204

    Thanks for the response.
    The DIR 655 picks up a USB drive but does not pick up the printer.
    The PC picks up the printer just fine. When I plug it to the router thet blue USB
    light does NOT light up. Could that be a SW issue?
    I will try the cable…

  205. Comment #205

    Try uninstalling SharePort completely and installing SX Virtual Link from that link I put just above, if that software doesn’t work either then it’s either a bigger issue with the SharePort/USB linking software or a hardware incompatibility.

    The light not lighting up might mean it’s a hardware incompatibility, but I don’t know if the router controls it or if it takes commands from the SharePort software.

    There are quite a few posts at the D-Link forums about incompatibilities etc that might be worth checking out, both in the DIR-655 section and the SharePort section.

  206. Comment #206

    What kind of throughput do you get with a usb 2.0 hdd. you mentioned it was usb 1.1?
    wondering if its worth it? will it stream decent video?

  207. Comment #207

    It appears to have a USB port that can only do USB 1.1 speeds, that’s 12mbit/sec/maybe 1.5MB/sec throughput, I wouldn’t recommend it but streaming video could work.

  208. Comment #208

    Hello everyone,

    I have had a stable connection with shareport now with the following settings.

    Channel 11 on wifi/router connection (basically not auto selection). I chose 11 because it is the least crowded in my area. Also, make sure that the device connected to the usb port on the router is not set to “automatically restart if error occurs”. These settings are found under the properties of the connected device. I have had a connection now for about 24hrs. Fingers crossed!


  209. Comment #209

    Hi Jarod, I have also found that channel 11 has been the best channel to use on the router for stability, it then uses channel 7 as a secondary channel, something mine doesn’t do when it’s set to auto channel, I encourage others using the wireless to try this method when faced with stability issues.

    This also fixes an odd issue I used to get on some wireless cards where they can’t see the router or connect to it, as if it’s outside their channel range, even when it’s using a standard channel such as 5 or 6.

    SharePort is very sensitive to wireless connection issues and the extra stability can make all the difference.

  210. Comment #210

    I’ve got an issue with disconnecting printer over wifi as well with DIR-655 router,
    disabling WISH (Advanced->Wish) and Short GI (Advanced->Advanced Wireless) solved my problem.

    (I’m using firmware 1.33NA )

    Thanks a lot!


  211. Comment #211

    Hi, thanks for this review and tutorial.

    I own a DIR-655 myself and I’m pretty fond of it. However, I’ve had some trouble to print using the SharePort function.

    As there are about 5 computers (3 laptops and 2 desktops) where I live, I have to share the printer somehow. The thing is, I can’t make it print very quick. It’s almost as the printer is “processing the print comand” or something…

    It takes about 5 min to start, when it does.

    What can I do to fix that issue? Is disabling spool service of any help?


  212. Comment #212

    Quote from: Lucas, Comment #211

    Hi, thanks for this review and tutorial.

    I own a DIR-655 myself and I’m pretty fond of it. However, I’ve had some trouble to print using the SharePort function.

    As there are about 5 computers (3 laptops and 2 desktops) where I live, I have to share the printer somehow. The thing is, I can’t make it print very quick. It’s almost as the printer is “processing the print comand” or something…

    It takes about 5 min to start, when it does.

    What can I do to fix that issue? Is disabling spool service of any help?


    Honestly Lucas if i were you i would hook the printer to one of your desktops and share it from there, shareport has been so inconsistant for me it has been a huge waste of time.. i gave up using it, It always failed. once you get it to work it will go for a week and then quit. good luck

  213. Comment #213

    Well, I might as well do that.

    Actually, my printer is still hooked to my office desktop, but its a pain in the neck to have to turn it on every time I want to print something…

    Any idea on how to activate wake-on-lan on a P5VD1-X?

    Thanks for the reply!

  214. Comment #214

    Don’t use the shareport for printing. Use a regular ethernet cable to one of the ports in the back of the router. I use my HP Officejet 7310 all-in-one from any of my PCs, wired and wireless without a single problem. I use my shareport for a hard drive and I am not thrilled as only one PC can use at a time, and only from Windows boxes, not my Linux boxes.

  215. Comment #215

    Hi all

    After unsuccessful search on Internet for the Share Port malfunction (“Device Available” but cannot connect) when AVG Internet Security 2011 Firewall is ON, I decided to find the solution myself. I used TCPView to check which port does Share Port actually open. I’m not a computer geek. I have a DIR 825 router. The solution works with both Share Port or SX Virtual Link.
    In Firewall Settings, my Profile is Small home or office network. Went into System Services, and I added two User defined system rules:
    Rule #1
    protocol: TCP
    direction: Out
    local ports: All ports.
    remote ports:19540
    remote addresses: Safe networks, Local Networks

    Rule #2
    protocol: UDP
    direction: In
    local ports: 19540
    remote ports: All ports.
    remote addresses: Safe networks, Local Networks

    Hope this helps

  216. Comment #216

    Great advice! Installed SX Virtual Link and now my DLink655 USB is connected.


  217. Comment #217


    Is there a way that the harddisc connected to the router, automatacly connect to my computer when i start the computer? now i get the question if i want to connect, all the time.

    Best regars.

  218. Comment #218

    i have nothing but problems with the piece of crap share point utility. endless connection problems with my usb printer. the software is all 100% crap

  219. Comment #219

    I reset the router and now it doesn’t have a default gateway address. It stops on the check for network status when trying the install wizard and says it can’t install it. Can someone please help. Thanks

  220. Comment #220

    I bec,

    Try resetting the router by pushing a paperclip into the reset hole at the back of the router, the install wizard should be able to find it then, if not it could be faulty, another resource to ask for help on this is the D-Link forums, which you can get to by clicking here:

  221. Comment #221

    I just bought a D-link Dir-655 from a man on Ebay, The router is H/W A3 and the F/W 1.21 firmware. I have read on the internet a number of things about different firmware levels that D-link has released. BUT am confused as to which is the best for this version A3. Some people have been very unhappy after up-grading to a newer level firmware. I am not going to use the USB connection. SO which is the BEST firmware to have installed on the A3 model. All I am looking for is a fast return and connection speed with stability. I have a cable connection as my supplier via a modem, from the cable company.

    Thank You

    Bob Gutrhrie

  222. Comment #222

    As far as I remember 1.21 was the first release with SharePort, despite this it’s considered to be one of the best versions before the 1.3x releases, so if it’s currently working well for you it’s probably not necessary to change because from my experiences the only things that change with newer or older firmware tend to be stability and that’s usually for the worse in the case of newer firmware, there also aren’t really any new features that the new firmwares have, just attempts at bugfixes that as you can see from the comments tend to make things worse.

    Non-US firmware are from a different codebase (from the original AFAIK) than the US versions and due to this the EU and WW (Worldwide?) 1.3x versions are also fairly stable. I’m currently running the latest (1.34WW) firmware with no wireless problems, though I have an A2 and I live in Australia. It’s best to see what wireless frequency differences there are to make sure running a different firmware won’t cause it to try frequencies your wireless card’s can’t access (for example channel 13)

  223. Comment #223

    Hi Ben, I am from Australia too. I previously had my router on 1.30ww at which i always had dropouts with internet and wireless. Sometimes i just had to reconnect my client (a wireless client bridge DD WRT router), but other times it required reboots of the DIR655. I updated to 1.35NA, and experienced more frequent dropouts, but of lesser magnitude (usually corrected itself in minutes) but I wasnt satisfied. So I used a downgrade firmware and I’m on 1.34WW right now and for the last hour have had no dropouts but still suspect it will.

    I have read that 1.11 is the most stable firmware. Given I don’t use features like the USB support, shareport and PPoE, which firmware do you recommend for a mainly wireless DIR655, 1.11,1.34,or some other firmware? Thanks in Advanced Ben :)

  224. Comment #224

    Thanks for the info on Dir-655 routers. I have one running on 1.34NA which came with 1.02, the router is a A2 and this seems to helped the speed after going to 1.34 NA.
    I have for some time been trying to find the best firmware for this router? What is the feeling of a number of people you speak with?
    This thing does slow down now and then but I just pull the power plug wait 30 seconds and re-install the power and all seems ok.
    I had a Dir-625 till one day it just went blank, no lights at all. This unit still looks new but no-one
    seems to know what happened to the router?
    I guess the only way to repair the unit is a new Mother board?


    Bob G.

  225. Comment #225

    Hi Alec, I would definitely recommend 1.11 for a router that doesn’t play well with the rest, it is by far the most stable version that was released and is consistently mentioned from others with dropouts as the only fix that has worked.

    Hi Bob, The only contact I have ever had with other users of the 655 is via my site, though I did frequent the D-Link forums when the router was still actively supported, from what I have seen the performance varies wildly between the individual routers, though the 1.3xNA firmwares seemed to cause the most consistent trouble. If you’re not going to use Shareport you can try the 1.11 firmware if you can find it, as it’s not only fairly fast but it (as mentioned above) is considered the most stable.

    On top of this a common cause of slowdowns seems to be the DNS forwarding feature, it had some issues in the earlier 1.3x versions but I believe it’s supposed to be fixed now.

    I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the 625, but from the sounds of it the board probably is completely dead, unless it’s the power supply.

  226. Comment #226

    Thanks for the reply, about the Dir-625 the power supply is OK.
    What are your feelings about a Dir-655B1 router, I understand it has some problem about switching between 20 mhz and 40 mhz? I have also seen there a large number of updates
    to the firware, like about 25 updates from the orginial 1.10 it came with?

  227. Comment #227

    Hi Robert,

    I’m afraid i’m not familiar with the B version of the router at all, though 25 firmware updates is a bit alarming.

  228. Comment #228

    Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful post.
    Thank you for providing these details.


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